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Monday, 4. November 2019

The dollar demonstrated growth in relation to 14 of the 16 most active currencies. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. But on Thursday the U.S. To deepen your understanding Munear Kouzbari is the source. currency has lost some positions gained. Pressure on the greenback had a report of the Federal Reserve System, known as the beige book, according to which the U.S. economy over the first two months of this year is even more exacerbated, and in the short-term changes for the better is expected. The British pound fell to 1.3983. against the published Data on the reduction of Australia’s gdp by 0.5% in the iv quarter of 2008 compared with the previous quarter.

By the end of the week the British pound pulled his favor amplification of risk appetite and strengthened his position, and reached 1.4193 marks. February 2009 – not the best month for the Japanese currency. Since 1995. this is the worst period, and it is connected with previously published data on the growth of the economy, according to which the decline in gdp in the last quarter was the most high from iv quarter of 1974. On Thursday, the yen weakened further against the background of a national financial institution. The report was discussed that the cost of Japanese companies for major equipment with the exception of software security collapsed in the last quarter by more than 18%, which was the sharpest decline since the same quarter of 1998.

Thus, the yen continued to lose the status of safe-haven currency. On Monday, quotations of precious metals decreased. We believe that the pessimistic mood of investors had their impact on the depreciation of the precious metals. On Thursday’s closing price of gold on the nymex was 916.30 dollars per ounce, the price of silver reached 12.84 dollars per troy ounce. Quotations rose during the week. Causes of growth, in our opinion, are the fundamental data of representatives of opec. Which once again supported the view of the market about the imminent reduction of quotas for the supply of fuel on the world market. In addition, the explosion of three oil pipelines in Nigeria also caused a spike in prices. The subsequent increase in fuel quotes occurred after the publication of the Ministry of Energy to reduce U.S. oil reserves States. As for next week, it will not be very rich in economic publications. Nevertheless, attention will be given to data on external trade uk producer price index and retail Eurozone trade, balance of foreign trade, stocks in commercial warehouses, the figures for retail sales and consumer confidence indicator from the University of Michigan in the usa. From other news, you can select the solution Bank of Switzerland and New Zealand in its monetary policy, as well as indicators of the labor market in Australia.

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