Flexibility Is Trump!

Monday, 13. May 2019

Hardly an other area required so much flexibility and storage space, such as the Office or work area. Whether computer, folder, or books, any materials to be generally as space-saving and stowed away discreetly. The desk Loyd starts exactly at this point. This is a combination of desktop and rotating shelves and finds its place even in the smallest corner of a room. Furthermore he has also an exceptional look and quality. Filed under: Gary Kelly. The desk Loyd offers undreamed-of possibilities! Desktop and rack form a flexible unit, which is almost equal to a mini Office.

Depending on the needs, the rotating shelf at an angle to the desk can vary and place both on the right and on the left side of the table. The white glossy finish of desk combination provides a noble and elegant appearance, as it rarely is when a piece of office furniture. “Small but mighty” Loyd applies to the desk without question. The combination of shelf and Table offers ample space to quickly take care of Office Affairs and to store a PC, folders and books stylishly. Overall, the width of the piece of furniture is only 145 cm, so the footprint with the desk can be used effectively even in a small space. Maximum storage on smallest space! The simple design and the plain white glossy finish make the desk Loyd an ideal furniture for almost every room concept. The piece of furniture can be easily integrated in a modern environment or exciting contrasts with classic decor. Desk and shelf can be used easily as working from home and find a location certainly also in the living room or the bedroom.

Even for the children or youth room, the desk Loyd is the ideal solution if you want to create a high-quality and visually very appealing workspace in the smallest space. Use as a flexible room divider is conceivable in the nursery here also, the game and Workspace subtly separates and can be rotated depending on space, in one or other direction. Flexible desk combination meets comfortable shopping online! Get online at delife.eu this combination of desk and shelf. There is also matching the Loyd Desk Office chairs and more modern home accessories, which skillfully the elegant high-gloss finish, this piece of furniture underline. Choose your favorite from a wide range of different desk chairs and simply order your desired furniture on the Internet. Within a short time will be delivered desk, Chair and co. free (within Germany) home. As easy and practical as the desk itself it is so also to get.

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