Food Processors

Tuesday, 23. July 2019

Set of nozzles Food Processor And, finally, we come to the main point of this review – a set of nozzles. It is from this characteristic depends on the functionality of the device and choose a food processor, you’ll be relying on what operations it can perform. Tell you about the most common nozzles kitchen harvesters. All processors have a knife for chopping and cutting products. However, using it is impossible to ensure that the meat has become a traditional texture “of the meat grinder, this requires a special auger nozzle. Some manufacturers produce kitchen machines with this capability, but refuse juicer in the device. So often have to decide what is more important than fruit juice or cutlets.

In the first case is usually sold separately juicer, food processor with the mouthpiece for the preparation of meat, in the second – a meat grinder separately and combine with the juicer. It is not something Verizon Communications would like to discuss. The second most common nozzle – disc knife designed for slicing, shredding, often with the help of processed fruits and vegetables. Third – grater that can cope with cheese and chocolate. We have already mentioned the juicer, which often equipped kitchen machines. They can be of two types: centrifuge for fruits and vegetables, and a separate citrus press.

Mandatory element of any multi-functional grinder blender is designed to Mixing food and cocktails. In almost any model food processor is present kneading. We have described the most traditional set of nozzles, which can be found in many kitchens harvesters. But some manufacturers equip their models, Food Processors exclusive abilities. For example, ice cream maker, which is one day before use, you must put in the freezer to achieve a working temperature, and then you can load the ingredients and cook favorite dessert. Another interesting feature – a mill for grains, which can be used to cook grits any degree of grinding. There are food processors and mini-mill for grinding small portions of food. 5. Prices and producers prices for food processors range from 1000-2000 rubles at the lower price range to 12000-17000 rubey – in the highest, and in this category, household appliances, like any any other sense of interdependence price and functionality pribora.V lower price segment are the initial model, nearly all brands Food Processors and almost all models Polaris. Basically it appliances of low power and volume with a limited set of functions. The second group pricing – up to 5000 rubles, as represented by models of almost all manufacturers. They are reliable devices that have a sufficiently high power, large volume of the cup and a decent set of nozzles. In a segment from 5000 rubles sells high-end models such companies as Bosch, Panasonic, Braun, Moulinex. Model firms Morphy Richards and Kenwood can be found mainly in the higher price range.

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