For Explorers: The Tour Of Explorer 25 Germany Version 5.0

Tuesday, 2. July 2019

Digital maps, GPS and outdoor navigation as a leisure trend a simple and clear user interface that facilitates in particular new entrants that have access to the developer MagicMaps for the new version on the flags written by. The result can be seen. A large window of card tidy menu items easily understood headings and object retractable to the page and the Routingfenster give a completely new face tour Explorer in version 5. The tutorial gives many tips for use the program Wizard and is interesting not only for beginners. Advanced Routing and printing capabilities as well as new interfaces for exchanging data with mobile GPS devices have been added. Outdoorfans is preparing its own excursions in the nature even easier by hand and the fun not neglected in the planning.

“The tour of Explorer 25 Germany ‘ number 1 is to continue on the path to the route planning software. The thematically sorted menu items contain a wealth of functionality, the also satisfies demanding touring cyclists or hikers. The official topographic maps serve as the basis 1:25, 000. These are can’t be beat on attention to detail. Are supplemented these cards with the location and street addresses of the NAVTEQ database with over 80 million address entries, allowing the accurate specification of addresses.

The sophisticated routing, which makes quick and easy planning of biking on the quality-tested bike path network of the ADFC (200.000 km) is unique. The appearance of the Wegebeschaffenheit in the suitability for racing bike, touring bike and mountain bike is new. So you can see at a glance whether a section is suitable or not. Another new feature is the ability to save a planned route so you can later call the route after completed planning and new change. The finished scheduled tour is either as a paper map, as well as poster printing, printed or transferred to GPS suitcases. The import and export capabilities to mobile devices in the menu transfer “taken together. Direct interfaces to new GPS devices are already included and make the exchange of tours and tracks a breeze. To many devices, the export of map data is now possible, so can be transferred for example also on Garmin devices of the new generation of maps. The mobile companion shows always the current location, so that frequent stopping and searching on paper card belong to the past. The routes recorded with GPS devices, tracks named Explorer can just in the tour are imported, processed and archived. You can link your own photos with their place and along a tour show. Already, the slide show to the trip is finished. The range tour Explorer covers 25 Germany 8 individual issues throughout Germany, 49.90 is an issue, the complete Edition at 199,90. MagicMaps GmbH the MagicMaps GmbH specializes in tour planning, digital maps and GPS outdoor navigation with their software products. Planning and analyze, focus on the road and have more fun activities in the nature the MagicMaps products make’s possible. Contact with us! There is a review copy and more information at MagicMaps we appreciate your questions and bring the topic of GPS Outdoornavigation with the many ways you like. The MagicMaps GmbH contact: Marko Ripperger Tel. 07127 970 175.

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