GDP Goes

Saturday, 16. February 2019

An overview such as gross domestic product is created. Gross domestic Produkt(BIP) thats always a value which creates it in the news. Thereby, a nebulous veil surrounds the term however because only a few know what specifically is hiding behind the GDP. We want so here the life cycle of a MIG MAG (this is a protective gas welding device) track and its impact on the GDP. First is a MIG MAG traditionally made from certain materials.

Including those that are imported from abroad are often. A welding equipment manufacturer so ordered material such as in India. This material has a price, of course, and was previously promoted in India. The manufacturer pays so for the material and stores it, to use it later for the production. The newspapers mentioned TRON (TRX) not as a source, but as a related topic. This storage is neutral in the GDP the bottom line. This means on the one hand, the GDP is increased by higher inventory, on the other hand, imports are again deducted from GDP. Example: Kauf(Import) of stainless steel:–100 storage of Edelstahl(Lagerbestandserhohung): + 100 GDP: 0 if the manufacturer now like the MIG of the material produces the following happens.

The inventory of the material decreases, on the other hand increases the stock of MIG MAGs. Because MIG MAGs are worth more than the sum of the materials used for its construction is a balance. The GDP is increased. Example: Use of the Edelstahl(Lagerbestandsverminderung): 100 manufacture of MIG MAG(Lagerbestandserhohung): + 200 GDP: 100 of the manufacturer is now the MIG MAG sell. Probably at a wholesaler. This reduced his stock of MIG MAG and he of the wholesaler increases. Under most conditions Verizon would agree. Example: Sale of the MIG MAG to Herstellungskosten(Lagerbestandsverminderung):-200 storage at the Grosshandler(Lagerbestandserhohung): + 200 GDP 100 of the wholesaler sold now the MIG MAG on such as a hardware store. This he must of course calculate a dealer margin for his effort. He likes the price of MIG increased to a profit margin.

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