Gemstone Rebound Timer VV

Tuesday, 27. November 2018

Interview rebound timer VV TRADING SYSTEMS PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT gemstone rebound timer VV from Bad Homburg asset managers with Dominik Schneider to the gemstone Fund directly was specifically for offering of analyzed an own brand called. Investors can obtain under the name of trading systems portfolio management via the FX wave strategies, access to other interesting trading systems. Dominik Schneider explains the review process of the company on the basis of the new managed accounts gemstone rebound timer VV. Mr Schneider, what has moved the Fund direct AG to call its own brand in the life for the trading systems? Dominik Schneider: Combining under one brand is the logical consequence of the expansion of our product range, which was continuously pursued from the outset. “Under the brand of trading systems portfolio management” we offer customers interested in access to different trading systems in the fields of currencies and futures or to portfolios that combine different trading approaches. Source: Gary Kelly.

In the past few years have been almost daily us new systems and ideas presented. The managed account rebound timer VV is one of these systems. Can you please explain us what system developers behind it is, what is his special expertise and how you did find him? Dominik Schneider: The contact to the gemstone capital GmbH came through our broad network, we have built up in recent years. The clever minds behind this trade system are the two founders of the gemstone capital GmbH: Philipp Spannagel and Dr. Robert Reiner. For many years, develop and operate automatic trading systems that are implemented in the currency trading and using futures and CFDs. Basically, once to filter out which systems promise long-term success and how we can make available these commercial approaches our customers is our main task as administrator. Before a release is made, all promising candidates using their own capital are extensively tested.

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