Get Out

Tuesday, 2. January 2018

Cooperation: confrontation is mostly the wrong way. Find a partner in the competitors. Exploring mutual interests and the exchange of Know-How already often resulted in meaningful cooperation. What works for the large, should be at medium (SME) usually no obstacle. Get Out: The most painful competition rule. Who separates from familiar things like to? But if the future prospects are missing, often opportunities lie in the exit.

Your released forces into new products/services/service and markets. Assortment strategy the key role of your marketing concept, particularly for business start-ups and companies that want to make inroads into new fields of activity. Because a too wide range may lead to the excessive demands, to narrow one often lacks appeal. 1. Select of the activity field in the decision for a specific field of activity you should consider the following four factors: market segment and target audience: examples: you want to use only large companies as suppliers, or chances are rather small craft enterprises? Is your product to the direct sales or offers more to the distribution of the trade? Product types.

Only from the consciousness out, you want to engage in any kind of product (capital goods, consumer goods, services), you can plan your more strategy. Design and amounts frame: You want to make simple commodities in large numbers or more is your field of activity into customer-specific solutions that require a very low volumes (examples: advertising, fashion Studio)? Product life cycle: An often neglected factor of the operating field, but crucial for the risk potential. Because the shorter your product lasts, the less time you for introduction, maturity and saturation of the market – up to the eventual exit. 2. You have already staked the framework compilation of the range through the conscious choice of the field of activity for your delivery range. Because the range but usually consists of several different products that require a different strategy, a clear hierarchy and delimitation is necessary: business field range.

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