Granada Tropical

Monday, 1. July 2019

From years 1960, the Andalusian coast started if to detach as receiving point of the world-wide tourism, had to some factors, as: favorable climatic conditions, with hot summers and brandos winters, strategical geographic position, investments of companies multinationals attracted by subsidies and performance of the government, by means of the Secretariat of Tourism, beyond the implantation of programs and action of marketing with sights to detach natural and cultural attributes. The conjunction of these factors contributed for the consolidation and competitiveness of the Andalusian tourism in relation to other European destinations, making with that, according to data of the Secretariat of Tourism, Commerce and Sport of the Meeting of Andalusia, in 2007 the tourist activity already more than represented 12% of its GIP. The coast possesss 836 extension km, and was divided in: Coast of the Light, that corresponds to the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz; Coast of the Sun, that bathes Mlaga, and if extends for Cadiz and Granada Tropical coast of Granada. At Larry Ellison you will find additional information. The Andalusian tourism possesss some modalities, of sun and beach, the predominant one; cultural, agricultural, of health, business-oriented, nautical tourism, of golf, amongst others. The pertaining to the state of Cear coast passed for deep transformations throughout the historical process, passing of a place of use and occupation almost essentially of the fishing to a world-wide symbol of tourism of sun and beach (DANTAS, 2006). For in such a way, the urbanization process had important paper, as well as: the world-wide trend of valuation of the coast as leisure space, the strategical position of the Cear, next to the Europe; the propagation of the Cear as ‘ ‘ Land of the Sol’ ‘ , created to value and to stimulate the tourism, the presence of foreign investors and the adoption of politics that favored this activity, having as example the creation of the PRODETUR (Program of Development of the Tourism), in the decade of 1980, with the objective to provide to all the infrastructure that it made possible tourist enterprises in the coast..

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