Hackers Attack Through The Back Door

Friday, 12. April 2024

Vulnerability in D-link routers is surfing dangerous some DSL routers brand D-link security problems have been discovered recently. Owner of such a device should as soon as possible play an update, to fend off unauthorized access on router and computer. As the Internet Department store shopping.de reported the vulnerability to hackers is particularly easy to exploit. Affected customers is not only the danger that criminals targeted breaking into the local network. The vulnerability is also tricky, because hackers now permanently in the Internet looking for vulnerable networks, computers, and devices. Read additional details here: Ron O’Hanley. Who got even illicit access to the D-Link router, can arbitrarily change settings via remote access and to create even on the network hard drive. All this happens silently in the background, because the vulnerability does not affect the normal operation of the instrument. To update the software in the router is easy.

First is to check whether your own model is ever affected. The exact product name, revision number and series is usually found on the underside of the device next to the serial number. Chase Coleman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Hereafter, the new firmware is downloaded from the homepage of the manufacturer and installed through the user interface of the router (usually via the browser to reach). The installation process may take several minutes to complete.

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