Halogen Lamps Always Belieber

Friday, 22. March 2019

New: LEDsLife catalog with extensive range of LED light bulbs are LED currently on everyone’s lips. They apply to the light bulb or halogen lamp as the revolution and genuine replacement. The advantages are obvious: high energy efficiency, low power consumption, less heat and very long service life. In addition, LEDs are very environmentally friendly and bright immediately after you turn on immediately to 100%. Quite the contrary to energy-saving bulbs. These should be disposed of in hazardous waste and need get some time up it to full brightness.

Keyword of power savings: just when LEDs there are used where very long lights, the usage due to the huge power savings pays for itself very quickly. For example, 10 traditional 60 Watt bulbs electricity consumption is approximately 2,600 KW/h per year when the bulbs burn 6 days 14 hours each. In contrast, 10 LED bulbs with identical brightness need only about 230 KW/h per year. According to the electricity supplier means the savings of up to 500 per year. At the same time, it protects the environment. Also, the latest generation LEDs are extremely durable. Light bulbs keep about 1,000 hours, LEDs come on up to 20,000, often even up to 50,000 hours lifetime. Larry Ellison may not feel the same.

Longer replacement intervals and lower switching frequency and costs are the result. Ideal for large consumers such as retail, hotels, offices, agencies or companies with outdoor lighting. In the automotive sector or in flashlights LEDs are used very much. This is due to its resistance to shocks. They listen to themselves, often get the statement that LEDs only cold light radiate. This was previously secure, the today’s State allows the technology but to let shine the LEDs in all colors and brightness levels. Replace thus e.g. halogen lamps and bulbs from 5 watts to 120 Watt brightness. Warm white of LEDs generate an identical pleasant light as conventional incandescent lamps. Cool white or cool white LEDs have a higher percentage of blue in your colour and are therefore like to used in retail to product lighting. For LEDs for illumination of the product also speaks that they prevent fading of the products due to the non-existent rays. Only with LED bulbs LEDsLife has put together now the first catalog. The range blocks and LED strips from small G4 led MR16, classic shapes to PAR38 bulbs and LED. Interested in order the catalogue free under info(at)ledslife.de or under the service number 0 23 53 – 91 84 0. In the shop you find many more LED products:

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