Have Fun, Save And Certain Without Bad Throttle

Thursday, 16. May 2019

THE hybrid drive take the everyday job of an internal combustion engine is accelerating. In the idle state or during braking, however, he wasted fuel. In the mild”, the electric motor supports the Nitro when accelerating, the latter must spend accordingly less energy, reducing fuel consumption. In the hybrid”, even purely electric driving is possible. Acts at the same time the electric motor of the hybrid car braking as a generator, so WINS from each braking energy, which in turn in the batteries (E.g. lithium – ion or nickel – metal hydride batteries) is injected.

Regenerative braking is that called. The combination of electric and internal combustion engine allows that hybrid cars consume just under 4 liters of fuel per 100 km and emit partly under 90 g CO2/km. THE components of the HYBRID engine In comparison with a conventional drivetrain are some (wear) components such as alternator, timing belt, clutch, etc. with other components such as gearboxes, generator, a central at the full hybrid drive Replaced inverter / converter control unit, a hybrid battery, etc. The bottom line, fewer parts than in conventional internal combustion engine be used the hybrid engine. HOW TO DRIVE A HYBRID? You have just throttle, steer and brake. Which motor is working, decides a control element in the car.

And yet there are driving tips, which increase the fun and the savings of a hybrid car. Courage to full throttle: it sounds paradoxical, but who on the road wants to be especially economical with a hybrid vehicle, should give full throttle. The reason for the savings: at full speed a hybrid uses the free “energy from the hybrid battery in order to generate additional power it accelerates with help of electric-power short and powerful and therefore more efficient than when cautious step on the gas pedal for a significantly longer period. Bottom line, the total consumption drops this. Looking Ahead: A hybrid saves much fuel particularly in urban traffic by early and consistent gas deceleration, because the gasoline engine is switched off completely and only back on, when in fact, acceleration is required. Smart brakes: early, normal light braking is rolling out, for example, at a motorway exit, sense, because then not the discs of Bremen in action, but the electrical energy recovery. Early brake so does not entail an increased brake wear, but helps to recharge the hybrid battery quickly. Electric through the city: with a hybrid car you can go up to approx. 85 km/h (Prius Plug in hybrid) electrically from a standstill in an area, where the electric motors to immediately the full torque, without the petrol engine is switched on. HYBRID, the Ferdinand Porsche’s best-selling model already in 1896 filed a patent for electric wheel hub motors. Since 1899, hybrid vehicles are built. The first SERIENfahrzeug hybrid was the Toyota Prius, which was launched in 1997. The hybrid model range at Toyota with the Prius +, Yaris hybrid and Prius Plug-in was further expanded this year. But also other Automakers do not sleep. As hybrids are A8 also the Honda jazz hybrid, the Audi hybrid, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5, the Mercedes E400 hybrid and the new Opel Ampera on the road. Mobile in Germany e.V., Germany says new automobile club: why don’t even test-drive? Nearly every major car manufacturer now offers hybrid. Gas type and save at the same time. Who would have thought that. Try just once. Your dealer is looking forward to your visit.

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