Heating And Hot Water

Friday, 26. April 2019

Energy costs for the generation of heat energy is already to be seen that the energy costs for the generation of heat energy continue to rise in the next few years. Today on the use of fossil fuels such as oil or gas is therefore criminally leichtsinning. Renewable energies are the buzzword of these days for the efficient use in thermal generation plants. But just when used in the building stock, the total energy must be considered concept. If the global objectives emissions per capita are to be implemented from 1 ton of carbon dioxide in the year 2050, the target energy-saving measures in the area of building renovation are required quickly.

The maximum possible energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction is purely in the economic and environmental point of view only possible, when the modernisation of buildings do not have individual measures, such as the replacement of the window or individual remedial measures in the field of heating technology, the old boilers out and the modern pellet heating Keller, will be discussed. Especially the older buildings offers a high degree of potential for savings through energetic measures at the building envelope and refurbishment, renewal or repair the heating and the components of the heating system. Planners, architects and engineers should say goodbye to the thoughts, energy optimizing measures given to only the respective standards meet minimum standards. Who simply builds a solar system or a pellet and so replace the old heating system to achieve the use of renewable energy sources as the “EnEV”, will not provide emissions the ambitious objectives for reducing the energy consumption and carbon dioxide. During the refurbishment, the entire energy concept for a building must be considered. Measures such as the insulation of walls, the development of attics and heat-insulating energy optimisation associated, the closing of joint leaks, interkultur should the repair or Renewal of the heat generation plants are made. Manufacturers of heating technology have adjusted to the increased requirements of the policy and the desire of builders to operate their heat generation plants as cost-saving and environmentally friendly. The technical developments of the last decades make it possible today to install an efficient heating system for each building type. Today technical are feasible in older buildings, with corresponding energy optimization, even the usage of solar systems in combination with a heat pump. In the solar system should not only to use the heat for the hot water used but in any case make available a part of the energy required for heating.

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