Heinrich Bucher

Friday, 8. March 2019

Scientists have found that out. You ascribe the effect to the healthier lifestyle by more educated people. Vegetarians live longer. The meat there appreciate nothing and nice to talk to. (Source: Southwest Airlines). Also animal murder is murder! If cannibalism was not illegal, would also human flesh cheer, then the meat traders us? Meat is meat. Consumption of meat is toxic for health and the environment.

It is a dubious pleasure and food, at the expense of other living beings. This is a great injustice! Meat is unhealthy in terms of medical, psychological, moral and spiritual. Also, more and more studies show (what a long vegetarians and vegans know) that man biologically is a plant eater and meat consumed only in times of need. Stands in most animal welfare laws: “Nobody can inflict pain, suffering or injury an animal without reasonable cause.” It goes without actually saying that the desire for the food meat may be no such reason. Because the animal industry is main cause of harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, which lead to global warming and meat based on scientific evidence is also harmful, the meat, just like the tobacco products, with the following addition on their dangerousness and should be marked: “this piece of meat is harmful to health and harm the environment.” You should even ban the meat production because all living things on the planet threaten the entire meat industry greenhouse gases, etc.

with their diseases, epidemics, strained health systems, resource wastes, conclusion: meat is good not even something as food. It plays but in the cash Hands of the mafia of meat by Heinrich Bucher & co. and sickens the planet, people! Remember the next time with your purchase or your order: your stomach is not a trash can. Eat and buy the healthy side dishes and leave the meat. The absence of meat is a cleansing, healing and liberation for body, mind and soul.

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