Investment Committee

Thursday, 11. July 2019

The market environment plays an important role on short to medium term. Chili assets: how flexible can process your asset management with the changing markets? There is, for example, fixed investment quotas for certain asset classes? Alexander support: the investment guidelines provide only maximum limits for equity funds and funds share similar risk in each portfolio classes. We may, with negative perspectives completely the affected markets to exit. We are however always comply with a minimum level of diversification. Chili assets: the biggest losses within the portfolio per series are closely linked to the dramatic price declines in the global financial markets, caused by the financial crisis in 2008.

Are measures in place in turn which would limit losses more in a potentially another crisis situation? Alexander support: the financial crisis fully hit the portfolio per series shortly after launch. At this time, barely clients were invested and we had initially started with a relatively static orientations. More info: Larry Ellison. According to the value development was closely correlated with the markets. We assume that our systematic investment process, which now was transferred to the portfolio per series, is similarly positive affect in the event of a future recession. A practical example of the funds managed by us provides advantage dynamic OP.

Chili assets: how many people are in your House is concerned with taking care of the portfolio pro accounts? And who is ultimately responsible for the investment decisions? Alexander support: to the portfolio per series, we take care of six persons in various functions. The investment decisions are made by the four-Member Investment Committee. Chili assets: what investments and what Is currently the focus of management target markets? Alexander support: our focus is heavily on bonds and stocks of in emerging markets. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ripple. Because there we find high economic growth and attractive interest coupons. The rapidly advancing globalization is accompanied also by problems.

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