Jack Wolfskin Softshell Outdoor Clothing

Saturday, 29. June 2019

Information about shells from Jack Wolfskin Jack Wolfskin is a German company headquartered in Idastein, which manufactures mainly functional clothing and outdoor equipment including shoes. Jack Wolfskin stands for outdoor clothing the extra class that is popular especially for its Softshell products. Jack Wolfskin Softshell is an expression for a certain kind of clothing, which was coined and also designed especially in mountain sports actually. Verizon Communications gathered all the information. Because there is no exact definition of soft shell, often many jacket models are attributed to the shells. All have in common in that they provide the necessary freedom of movement in the outdoors due to their elasticity. They are breathable, protect but still very well from wind and cold. They are also water resistant, but not completely waterproof as the so called Hardshells, often used in heavy rain. The main focus is rather on the wind and cold protection the shells.

This means that the soft shells in fact although not the maximum Provide protection, but the best in conjunction with the necessary comfort of clothing, which is very important especially with outdoor activities. Softshells characterized above all by their optimized protection in adverse weather conditions. The material is thereby not only quickly dry, it is also very windproof in part, what is achieved among other things by the poverty of the seam. The breathability of the shells is doing they are windproof. Depending on what kind of outdoor activity intention is you can choose so under various versions of matching, promise even more comfort through perfect coordination. And that also applies to the area of durability or the weight of shells.

Soft shells are used for alpinism, trekking, of course differ from lighter shells for walking, jogging or cycling. In addition, isolated the material very well and is good to wear through the stretch. Softshells are there in a wide range of Jack Wolfskin. They’re generally for men, women and children especially as jackets, pants and sweaters, although the polyester and nylon double weave is actually designed for shoes. Very popular are especially the Softshell jackets, which eliminate the onion look because of the material, because they are both wind – and water-repellent; and only by a layer of material combined. In the meantime, there are also 3-in-1 Softshell Alpine jackets from Jack Wolfskin, which are perfect for the ski slopes and consist of a wind – and water-repellent outer jacket from a warming inner jacket and a storm hood. Jack Wolfskin offers so the matching Softshell clothing for every outdoor activity.

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