Knowledge Balance Sheets With Indicators And Metrics

Thursday, 25. January 2018

What good is knowledge if it is not adequately perceived? Against the background of the functions and functioning of intellectual tools also indicators should be used for the measurement of knowledge-intensive situations, to make transparent and comprehensible to the intellectual capital in all its facets in particular also to third parties. Of interest could the knowledge balance sheet end mounted”indicators, for example, for the addition of annual reports, credit documents, funding applications and management reports. Precursor to the management cockpit of the knowledge balance sheet is a series on this topic by Jorg Becker authored books, including: marketing controlling and intellectual capital of ISBN 9783837071320 and strategy-check and knowledge balance ISBN 9783837073058. This precursor title would be something like the already-completed hull, the already attached wings, engines, etc., now experiencing a final assembly with the cockpit in the image of an airplane. The following points are dealt with including: Accumulate knowledge balances business reports, suggestion for holistic perspectives, develop positive credit rating with non-financials, management reporting and early warning signals, indicators and metrics, key performance indicators and what they say, mapping measures set to influence factors, standard layout for indicators, demo sample for knowledge balance indicator board, standardized indicators blanks or Association on measures and influence factors. Oracle shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Indicators as a basis for knowledge balances and others handled by Becker, Jorg: management cockpit of the knowledge account indicators dashboard, ISBN 9783837046540. The management cockpit of a company used benchmarks indicating whether there is something rather better as more bad to look at. Can be read but from a normal balance, as the vital knowledge base has evolved in recent years? Or how the Central fields of expertise have impacted on the success of the business? There is a mismatch, if, for example large sums are invested in education and training, but only a few cents to the valorization of the knowledge thus obtained. In contrast to sophisticated financial systems of measurement is the measurement of intellectual capital, often in the dark. Unlike in financial management can be built when accounting knowledge not readily on a generally accepted instruments of indicators. CF. Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the knowledge account indicators dashboard, ISBN 9783837046540. For this reason, also may also have other ways must be taken and tested. Without appropriate indicators, the company without compass or feedback-ads in a market full of dynamics and risks would pull. Jorg Becker

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