Koreas Income

Saturday, 25. June 2016

The Coreia of the south is an underdeveloped nation, in the molds of our country, therefore these countries already sufficiently had been seemed. In 1960 they were typical nations of the underdeveloped world bogged in calamitous socioeconmicos indices and with taxes of illiteracy that beiravam 35%. At the time, the per capita income (division of the GIP Gross domestic product for the population) korean was equivalent of Sudan (African country): it patinava around 900 dollars per year. In this aspect Brazil took advantage its per capita income was the double of the native of Korea. Korea still made bitter the trauma of a civil war that left a million of dead more than and economy in ruins.

Today passed forty years an abyss it separates the two economies. Korea shows a development fervilhante, capable to triple its economy to each decade. Its per capita income grew nineteen times since years 60 and the society reached a welfare platform enviable. The Native of Koreas had eradicated the illiteracy and practically had placed 82% of the young in the university. Already Brazil keeps 13% of its illiterate population and has only 18%de its young in the universities (Reviewed It sees 2005). Its per capita income is less of the half of the Korean per capita income.

In short Brazil was stops backwards and Korea released in gone off due to the investments massive in education. The difference is in the economic growth, exactly for the investment in education and the great incentive of the families with its educandos. The investment applied of correct form in the education appears effect and to follow, some item suggested to Brazil, for this Asian country that grows and redistributes income with investment in education: Premiar better pupils with stock markets and extra lessons so that he develops its talentos.? To rationalize the resources to give better wages to the professors.? To invest in University Polar regions come back toward the technological area.

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