Las Small Enterprises

Tuesday, 17. April 2018

In recent years we are seeing appear every day new social networks that come to cover niche markets complementary to general social networks. The opportunity offered by these social networks is fantastic from the business point of view: allow us to segment our customers up to points where before we couldn’t. We no longer need to segment our customers by age, marital status or place of residence, but that we begin to segment by consumer habits, by purchasing habits, even by social habits (number of friends, regularly to share information, etc.) which gives us a much more realistic perspective on the real situation of all and each one of our clients / users and allows us to make more and better with your needs. And on which network we work? facebook, twitter, linkedin, xing,?. We have hundreds, thousands of social networks and we return to the starting point, we do not know where to start. The answer is simple, we have to be there where are our clients. If our client is a system of microblogging like twitter user, we have to keep this updated tool and turn it into our communication channel.

And rule course, not we out never the micronets, or local networks, those that are intended to cover niche markets where large don’t arrive, those thought to be the point of union of a group of people who share a particular interest, and where all messages are found around the same topic. This can be a starting point very good to begin with, if we have our very well defined niche. It is even possible, the creation by a small company of a community around their products, provided, as previously commented, the market niche is set perfectly and we have sufficient dedication or patience to promote that community. We will need the participation of members and for that it will be necessary to encourage them, proposing relevant topics in the forums, organizing events, provided benefits if we can energize that community will have much cattle. Social networks, are the opportunity for small businesses to compete on equal terms with large. Therefore let your tools to win the game.

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