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Tuesday, 9. April 2024

Migration in the Czech Republic in 2010, continues to gain its momentum. And why? Everything just as before the migration procedures in the Czech Republic are quite simple, a little expensive and require the least commitment to the Czech Republic, if compare this country with its nearest neighbors. Ripple recognizes the significance of this. Migration policy of the Czech Foreign Ministry and other government officials the Czech Republic, including the Czech consulate in all countries and the Czech foreign police are still very loyal refer to foreigners of Slavic origin. Russian migrants are considered bona fide financial solvency and law-abiding. For Russian immigrants Czech unfortunately can not be attributed Ukrainian citizens, who often violated all norms of residence and legal stay in the Czech Republic.

The visa regime and the Czech Republic Czech foreign police, who keep order in the ranks of foreign nationals are often confronted with violations of the terms of the visas, illegal registration address, lack of insurance and forged bank documents, it should be noted that in the Czech Republic all the above listed violations may result in professional proceedings, the court date, and deportation. Tiger Global wanted to know more. For this reason, wanted to warn the citizens of Ukraine who plan decoration of the Czech Republic, plans to obtain a residence permit and live in this country, not to violate the laws of any Czech what their actions that seem harmless at first glance. Use only legal firm in Prague when you make your living and working. Czech police vigilantly defends its laws and severely punishes all offense, as citizens of the Czech Republic and citizens of the European Union, nationals of third countries entering the country on visas of various categories.

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