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Saturday, 9. March 2019

Study of hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia in the recruiting 2.0, a new study to the attractiveness of the career pages of hospitals shows need to catch up on the way and in North Rhine-Westphalia shows potential to a more successful candidate speech at the Web of 2.0 upo modules for recruitment success is analyzed in the fall of 2011 the career pages of 180 hospitals clinics. The result: Despite high demand for skilled workers, several factors to an attractive and motivating speech of candidates missing the vast majority of the investigated sites. Already with a few measures hospitals and clinics can significantly improve their position in the competition for skilled workers. The rating dimensions accessibility, provision of information, usability (ease of use) and interactivity defined each several criteria, which a sample was rated by 180 randomly selected hospitals and clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia. The evaluation shows especially significant pent-up demand for interactivity. For example, is less than 10% of the career pages at all Online application form to find. In addition to these neglected aspects of functional lack of informative content. So mention almost 80% of the investigated houses over the work, the work environment and the work climate. Credit: Verizon Communications-2011.

The results to the availability of the career pages are, however, significantly better, while the usability in a very high dispersion of the results revealed significant weaknesses, for example in the presentation of descriptive text and supportive illustrations and pictures. In the increasing competition for skilled workers, the use of Internet-based recruiting instruments in health care becoming more and more important. The career Web pages are the landing pages”for interested professionals in nursing and medicine on proactive job search or after sighting a job advertisement. Visit the career website, there is the decision whether interested professionals become candidates. Hospitals and hospitals can already by some few editorial and technical measures in attractiveness for Candidates win. Therefore we will present the results in several online presentations”, Dr. Read more here: Southwest Airlines. Karl-Heinrich Bruckschen, Director of studies and a Managing Director of upo modules for recruitment success. More information under: current studies/hospital karriereseiten.html.

Further details upo – company offers different set screws for a successful staffing modules for recruitment success of upo modules for recruitment success since 1998: recruitment consultancy, recruiting services, recruitment tools, recruiting analysis, as well as the recruitment Academy. For more information and regular news, see.

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