Marketing Systems

Monday, 2. May 2011

More and more companies are moving to a marketing system to promote products. Simply put, network marketing. The principle of network marketing is simple, the product comes from the producer to the consumer directly, without intermediaries and of advertising. Respectively, with a big discount. All would be good product if it is good – cool sells.

But basically it is a quality product, well, unless of course if the company does not itself produce and ephemera that promoting. There is another plus for the network, is that to become a "networker" can everyone who has reached the age of 18. If we consider the network marketing from the consumer here solid benefits and discounts to you and a good car and bonuses different, but if we consider a network with the business side, there is not all that bright. Why? In Russia, the network has come more recently about 20 years. And companies with such experience is not much. And the network is not so much a businessman. They say that to earn in this business easy, that's just work to do.

People from society, of course used to work for 8-14 hours a day, but But they are also used to receive their salaries monthly, and some twice a month, taking into account advance. When it's new to the network company for additional income, and some of the basic income. Him, they say. No investment is not necessary, just go and sell goods and make profits. Do not want to sell Go, tell everyone and everything about our product, shorter than invite people.

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