Thursday, 28. February 2019

A continuous control of the flow properties during the injection moulding process is difficult, more success has an influence in the sprue system. Due to the close cooperation with Beaumont technologies, Inc., pioneer and world leader in the application and development of rheological control systems, the SimpTec of the plastics processing industry with Meltflipper offers a proven and effective solution to the influence of the flow behaviour of plastics. With low investment, you can this way fill operations by simple modifications of the sprue with regard to irregularities in the cavity and between the individual wells scrap optimized, thus, reduces cycle times and increasing productivity. Simulation of deep drawing and bubbles forming a simulation technically still relatively young ‘ research area although in practice already for many years traditional production process for cans, cups or Bottles, but also housing, or body parts u.v.m., is deep-drawing”. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gary Kelly has to say. The thermoforming of plastic can be done in different ways. A warmed with printing a form on a plastic plate, by means of pressure of the plate on the form, or by a combination of pressure and vacuum. Most important characteristic of the plastic is that he can heat up well, melts during the process of thermoforming but not. With the T-SIM, simulation program developed by accuform, succeeded, the complex manufacturing process, realistically depict the physical processes and the changes of the component. In addition, conditional deformations or distortions of the decoration during the manufacturing process and can be predicted optimized. The designer-important information about the optimization of the process related results such as optimal wall thickness (iterated in relation to optimal temperature distribution on the plastic plate), statements regarding Drawals, cooling behavior or even end weight. Development times are so significantly shortened and expensive series of tests can be avoided. With the simulation tool B-SIM are identical functionality and results for blow molding manufacturing process available.

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