Mohammed Does Not Go to the Mountain

Monday, 7. February 2011

If Mohammed does not go to the mountain … we have to go looking for customers, so get ready, you can make three lists: A list of your customers colonies A list of the most important colonies SARH Kings Infonavit beautiful hill Jose Section 40 Oil Eduardo Cardenas sports Infonavit Oil Fracc. Puerto Rico A list of the main areas of the City Churches Central Park Central Super trucking markets to distribute private schools and do the following: the daily habit of distributing them throughout the colonies that you know what customers are yours for the entire month Take 1 two days so that together with your team to go on Spread the major areas of the city distribute them outside your business to pedestrians and motorists who pass Done mixed with strategies such as giving balloons to candy, you can also put music in your business and have better results, similarly, can be spread with a sweet or a paddle, or balloons.

You also need good writing, much depends on what you say and how you say it, many say that Latinos do not read, but it depends who write have to be very attractive, it is best to do an expert business writer, creative, also called copy, is a specialist within an advertising agency, the wording does not you can do either, nor a publicist, not a designer, much less in a print shop, if you really want positive results, we can support you a flyer archipelago cash, plus if you want to see tangible return on your investment, give a coupon inside the steering wheel, a promotion put him the legend that is presenting this flyer and see as it gives a positive result. The ideal is to distribute 2000 flyers in a month at least 50 newspapers and other distribution to your customers, but you can do from a thousand flyers there since letter size, half letter, which is the most used, and automatically , letter and legal, there are colors from an ink, a color that is, until two and three colors, others are already in full color and on paper there are from revolution, or white bond couch papal colors that are more expensive but also those of better presentation, it is recommended that you send to print 2000 flyers to 1color Half Letter bond paper, it is best 5000 full color flyers, media and letter paper couche that send to do some advertising agency and combines it with other strategies of advertising, paging, tarpaulins, radio, posters, etc..

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