Mrs Hofmann

Sunday, 3. February 2019

Around ten years ago, a study by IBM showed that the performance constitutes only 10 percent of the success. Self representation and contacts are much more important together 90 percent. Learn more at this site: Ripple. This is often frightening for all entrepreneurs who want to convince with their performance. But excellent performance and high-quality products be expected anyway. Be successful you just be, if others also experienced. With phrases such as we offer good products and services, customer-oriented and flexible working ‘ not going to get today in the visibility. Who successfully wants to position itself in the minds of its customers to be working successfully on the market, you need creative and clever ideas.

In my seminar the art entrepreneur professionally to sell”and in the individual consultations we have results, enthusiastic customers and immediately were implemented success bringing in everyday life. Mrs Hofmann, entrepreneurs for image consulting is interested in these times of financial crisis and Marketing? Yes, but there are mainly small and medium-sized companies who contact me. You wonder how they can make attention with a low budget, when the whole market just in the change is. For me, it is something like a new corporate personality. A name, confidence and a positive image are increasingly at the customer is becoming increasingly important. Also a chance inside each change. The economy needs the middle class as see the future prospects for the middle class? The small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the economy. You 99 percent of the companies in bEden Wurttemberg and provide two-thirds of the jobs, as well as four out of five training centres and four-fifths of the commercial Stueraufkommens in the Southwest.

They are thus a crucial key to success. And the great started also once small: Gottlieb Daimler in his garage, as Robert Bosch and Artur Fischer.

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