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Tuesday, 13. August 2019

Simply, there is no identification on what environmental culture demands. Faced with the reality that the country faces product of its political instability and the actions of the Government in function exploit opportunities for openings that has started, require companies that still remain active to generate more social responsibility in his role as its operation that favours him, assist sustainable development, without affecting anything in the environment of the country already suffering its consequences will not be attentive to it. Is fully aware the Chair, which requires another vision, another behavior by the management of some companies in the country to support the protection of the environment, consider which represents the sustainable development and what should be the role of sustainable marketing that ensures an excellent social responsibility, the need to adopt environmental culture, in such a wayto ensure respect for the environment, which results are positive in the behaviour of the Organization and their contribution to sustainable development. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Verizon Communications. It behaves with the criteria that companies must design commercial offerings that meet the present needs of consumers, without compromising the ability to meet the future needs of future generations. To do this, the sustainable marketing must assume as mission reorganize the behaviour of the company, with the purpose of contributing to overcome the tremendous environmental crisis facing the planet. We consider it important that brings marketing. com in connection with the theme, which is remembered as indicated by Norman Myers, international adviser on the environment, in his book published in 1990, the future of the Earth; solutions to the environmental crisis in an era of change, he condensed his work developed since 1970 for the National Academy of Sciences of USA.UU., the Smithsonian Institute and the United Nations.

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