Next Stop: London!

Friday, 28. September 2018

Next stop: London! MB Bueno chics because when I get another little trip outside of Spain. This summer to take off a little body heat embark an entrepreneur destination: LONDON! LONDON A Why does’ Well, I do not know. It strikes me simply. When I was in Ireland, the atmosphere was hostile and peaceful, but here I get the impression that the opposite is true, although only separate them if we drew a road about 80 km. If I had to give any convincing explanation would you say is one of the countries from which most historical characters I know (except Spain) and I like to see some other museums … so that we could cite for example: William Shakespiere (Romeo and Juliet) , Charles Darwin (known for his revolutionary theory that the strongest survives weaker by clear laws of nature, not by divine grace), Charlie Chaplin (Charlie, the sad man and “unfortunate” consumed jacket and narrow, pants too long, as well as countless shoes and the distinctive mushroom and bamboo canes) and as no beatles! Of course, and now more in my area, also said London, who will be the world’s first city to host Olympic Games three editions, after the fourth edition of 1908 and the XIV in 1948.

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