Nobody Faith

Friday, 24. May 2019

Therefore space and time offset as well, as the mass to the speed of light is accelerated to energy. God / c2 = Earth about what is inside the (earthly) light = space and time (matter/universe) thus seems to be limited to the existence of God on this world (space and time) for us humans? It is also for a realist”. God is unproven and therefore non-existent. The speed of light has been proven although scientifically, but what should be divided, if there are no dividends (God”). So, it remains only one aspect of the matter in space and time. Thus, the divine manifestation is seen not as such, but just as mass/matter mirdisch. Correlations in the matter can be generally valid defines, explains, repeatable reproduced and communicated. When a belief or idea, this is not possible.

Nobody Faith or thinking of other people can really define, explain 100%, follow in its entire fullness and the communication of feelings quickly reaches the limits of the language. If it were otherwise, there would be no misunderstandings, lies and only one truth. In this case, the psychology could be an exact science. But she can formulate no laws, but only laws. Believe, think and feel is valid exclusively only individually. The inner world of a man is aware of his personal-be determined. You depends on the ability, a faith to be able to develop hope and will. But above all it is characterized by the freedom to make the decision. We can choose whether we want something or don’t want to, because we are aware of our own existence. This will create a self-observation and from this observation, we have the ability to make decisions for change! Why should we but want to change if we do not have a specific goal, quasi a higher meaning, would pursue? How could we be prolific without intuition? And especially, how could we believe in a soul outside of our human existence, if we had any idea or guess it? The best argument of a conscious being on the Earth, is human aspirations for power.

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