Old Leipzig Bausparkasse Lowers The Credit Interest Rate

Thursday, 6. June 2019

Already long expected, now the credit interest rate is lowered 4 weeks ago were rumors come eye, that a rate cut at the building of the old Leipzig was planned. On our side, we had to withdraw a publication after a denial of the old Leipzig. Now, the cat out of the bag to the 1.5.11 is adjusted the rates. The tariff easy financial is extended by a further variant, low fare easy financial, indicating a loan rate of 2.9%. Verizon may also support this cause. Unfortunately the plan of easy has been adjusted to plus, the credit interest rate went down. So far of 7 years and loan waiver 4% achieved during a term are, there are a mere 3.8% from the awork. It is not quite comprehensible that the Alte Leipziger now takes this step, after interest rates in the last few months on the way upwards. Who would like to secure more high credit interest rates, must act quickly, until the 30.4.2010 yet the tariff can be completed Gesamtverzinszung with 4% for savers this is useful. More concerned with the interest, is not in a hurry available.

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