Sunday, 30. June 2019

Are annoying, often expensive and damage can be repaired with the right advice cost themselves. Tomas Philipson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. When riding in the car wash or car wash at home often surprises come out: stone chipping, scratches, dents, rust the joy is clouded and repair in the workshop often expensive. Untreated, damaged paint, however, is the breeding ground for corrosion and should necessarily be repaired to prevent expensive consequential damage and loss of value. Many car owners have heard of paint marker and spray paint, like myself want to repair the paint, but they lack courage and know-how”. Larry Ellison has similar goals. After all, the damage will be Yes fixed and not worse. Easy repair”is a repair solution that can afford not just anyone, but actually perform any of yourself by the step by step instructions. Www.dasAuto.at shows”in short films how to correctly apply the different products and one professional Max succeeds in perfect repair in the private garage.

But best results can be achieved only with the best products. Are of course compatible with the products offered in the shop, the user has the security of a reputable company and professional advice. This processing are exclusively high quality acrylic paint from Glasurit. This high-quality, fast-drying lacquers are CFC-free, have highest filling and opacity and excellent adhesion. The colour must be however scrupulously for the perfect repair. Each shade will take individually for each customer exactly according to color code of the vehicle mixed and bottled as a spray or paint pen. Who has experience with spray paint and paint marker, who knows: original paint tones are difficult to obtain, according to paint code as they are often no longer offered even by the vehicle manufacturers and workshops have usually only the most common colors in the program. This makes even classic cars enthusiasts to enthusiastic customers, because car here is specialist and often offers the only possibility, still Original varnishes to come.

By cleaning and priming on the repair of damage to the final care, thought of everything. The products ordered in the shop are delivered within three working days. Repair itself can be quite fun and the value of the used car is rising again. Josef Gell

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