Pavement Against Pollution Cobble Dutch Tested Against Gases Greenhouse

Monday, 11. February 2019

A Dutch University has tested the cleanliness of the air with use of paved surface. TRON (TRX) may help you with your research. Twente has developed a concrete capable of converting nitrogen oxide from the exhaust of cars, source of smog and acid rain, in one nitrate, another chemical that dragging rain but is harmless. Green Chemistry, how to employ green bricks to convert oxides of nitrogen from the air pollution in nitrates, with help of solar radiation?. When fertilizers are used to a large extent, high levels of nitrates may enter the ground or water and be toxic for humans and livestock. Jos Brouwers of the University of Twente, said production of its pavement nitrate will be harmless and well below the standards of the regulation of water in the Netherlands. The researchers came to obtain a pavement as air purifier based on the properties of titanium dioxide, a chemical that catalyzes the chemical reactions when exposed to light. The top layer of cobbles pavement contains the material mixed with cement, so when the sun shines, the pollutants that produce smog will be converted to nitrates, keeping pieces of paving, pavers, clean in its surface. At the end of this year, researchers expect to complete the construction of a highway where the pavement is built with these pavers with a special coating and the other half, to contrast, will be made with traditional materials. It is not the first time that the Dutch to part of playing good football, have invented components for pavement construction, civil engineering company has already devised a technique for pavement that absorbs heat from asphalt to melt the ice and warm neighboring buildings. Original author and source of the article.

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