Poem By Marius Augustin

Tuesday, 2. July 2019

Poem by Marius Augustin about the Munchner Verkehrsverbund adventure MVG after diligent work on the Wednesday I go back down slightly late to the S-Bahn in the basement. I look at the table when the S2 appears towards Erding, but diesse thinks it probably not good with me. The display does not show anything blank, whisper on the platform – a dog in the tunnel in the way came back. After an elderly woman asked for multiple times what is being said by finally to the speaker. Manchner passenger has again in the neck, the famous dumpling, it tips the ears – what is probably going on. It is now called the “big problem”, most commuters, already known.

The signal box, again the way Oh, how Tuesday and Wednesday but redress. Passengers murmur, blaspheme and invisible – the MVG gets nothing well baked. Not one is like squabbling with railway workers, but lately, the chaos is just too often. However, I want to come back to me, towards Erding, precisely through the Poing – your have heard? Now ran to the main station – UBahnstation and awaited me here the next travesty. In the splendour of the ads, signs and lights, I see Wastl and happy faces. It is recruited, how happy, how smart, one with a subscription with the MVV.

The U5 direction Neuperlach Sud, goes out it in again, it will increase from logged “U2 is” Marienplatz – please, I can feel the nudge, steps and also kicks. I feel constricted and torn, the U train is crowded. I have heard a pleasure signal, the U5 has arrived at the East station. So now quickly, off track 5, where the S-Bahn runs off otherwise, but the friendly Bahner telling me I’m wrong here. Then shut down to platform 2; Yes, and 10 minutes later the train comes. By he Reding, East station and then the turn, really here the misery at the end? So far so good, until 5 minutes in riem stand, I’m in Poing at 19:25 and can go through the railway underpass there. I am finally home to 19.45, and actually had to be 6: 30 to do so. Now without MVV a nice evening had made food and a little fooling with the TV evening laughed. My wife tells me Yes, the MVG does only the best, yes I believe now firm. At 22: 00 I can rest and sleep football, tomorrow will be a new day. 20 after 7 on the S-Bahn this a scare morning “Switch fault” get some trains do stop late and at the end of the story, one desire, no 2 nothing more. Repair your tracks and turnouts, otherwise be some soon your subscription delete. So that this doesn’t happen to you, how about it in April all subscription get 50% of fares reduced. Because I’ve lived already in many places of the world, but I’ve never seen so frequent breakdowns, such as on the Munich S-Bahn. I hope you’ll be mad at me, because I’m like transport in Munich and Munich in. Marius Augustin

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