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Friday, 16. March 2018

What you should pay attention to, to achieve with the self-presentation as a disc jockey on the Internet really show customers your personality – tell about you! Customers who want to celebrate a wedding or other party with a DJ, want to book not only a music expert and disc jockey craftsman, you are looking for a sympathetic people easily. The building feeling Bay with! Therefore already in the presentation of self in the Internet: tell about you! Reports not only on your DJ skills, how much thousand songs you own and what technology. Recently Coupang sought to clarify these questions. Tell you in fields such as education, occupation and hobbies. Reports from your DJ life, things that everyone can do something for example, which was your first LP or CD, and why that’s now embarrassing or why you’re always proud on it. And maybe have you original in the course of your DJ career experienced then back out with it. Show your face – upload photos! Present yourself with at least a photo to identify where your face is essential. Because nothing makes more for Distrust of the hidden as a man,”out acts.

And just as it works, when it hides his face”. A nice picture of you as a DJ at work is ideal. If you not ready, but also a nice holiday picture is enough. The main thing is that you are good to see and wear a smile on your face. Important for the good impression – avoid spelling and grammatical errors! Photos, interesting facts and nice stories from your life as disc jockeys include a good appearance not only a beautiful.

Even seemingly minor things like a proper grammar and spelling make sure that your offer is sympathetic and believable. Because it shows that you’re giving you trouble. Who is sloppy writing, will tear off perhaps his actual job as a DJ later Loveless”this impression at least subliminally, if a profile of full error is. And if you’re not so fit in spelling and grammar by yourself, then word processors such as Word Help”. The Spellcheck shows red (spelling) and green (grammar) snakes lines where something is probably wrong. Be an expert – but don’t talk like so! What you write to music and to hang up is of course very important. Most people who want a wedding or party DJ book search musical ALLROUNDER. You can of course try to position yourself as an expert for certain styles. Such restrictions, your potential customers will be decimated but automatically strong. “And who as a DJ for normal people” a really horny”party to musical fashion, must out get hits” and otherwise, at best random and liquid mixed. Thus, you should present even in the brightly. What you hear privately prefer should be secondary in importance, because here it comes so to win customers and convince not peers of the own competence. Following main categories should be included in a DJ profile the itself (not on clubbers, but) at Intended for people, who want to set up a private party: POP ROCK SOUL / BLACK HOUSE / DANCE GERMAN also in what you write about your sound and lighting technology, you should consider that your contacts are ordinary people, can catch usually little with brand names and especially with details about the technology. Therefore more generally describe how does your technology. Support maybe your words with beautiful photos of light installations. Take your potential customers but also the care that you’re an oversized sound and light show.

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