Publishing A Blog Arti Cle

Wednesday, 21. March 2018

How to publish a blog article step by step. First step: Well the first thing you have to do is access your blog account with the username and password you planted when you created the blog. Second Image Step: The following is to go to the homepage of your page and then click new entry to this herding on the edge of the page on the right side of the page.

Third Image Step: After you submitted the page where you are asked to name the title of the article and then this the part where they ask you the body of the article which featured images and videos you can add and edit your article if you want to change something about it. Image Step Four: Then you have the most important part of the article without this public why not get traffic and no traffic can not make money over the Internet or with your blogger. The most important part of publishing articles is the part where you place keywords. From underneath before where they publish or save button. Image Keywords: Keywords are the most important of the articles that through them is that google or any search engine you can find yourself or your items.

There is where you put how you want to read your google search google or whatever you find your item, which word you want the search for your articles. Step Five: Click to publish it if you want to post but if you have not published because it can store and add details and then publish it.

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