Rainy Summer 2011 Corn Crop Damages Not

Saturday, 16. March 2019

The corn harvest in Lower Saxony is imminent. Credit: Verizon Communications-2011. The good news: the unusually cool and wet summer hasn’t hurt the plants. Schneider Krug (hue) – the corn harvest in Lower Saxony is imminent. The good news: the unusually cool and wet summer hasn’t hurt the plants. On the contrary, the corn has benefited that extended dry periods remain. Only the delayed the maturity and the harvest itself could pose difficulties. The year runs so far almost perfectly for the corn farmers”, Andreas Gaffney, specialist for maize cultivation at the GS white agri EC. So used the bad weather in the summer, that ruined the holiday many people, even the corn. The corn plants can implement well the many water as original tropical plant”, Gaffney explains. A problem could have it only at lower temperatures, because corn needs to grow to at least 15 degrees Celsius”. And she had through it, except for some days in early may, as the thermometer showed values below the freezing point. At that time the young corn partially yellow leaves and lay on the ground”, Gaffney recalled. Some farmers therefore asked him whether they would need to sow new. Gaffney could calm her down, because that was not necessary. Shortly after temperatures rose sharply, to about 20 degrees, and the plants rebounded quickly.” This short Frost period had no negative impact on the further growth of the maize. Already, the relatively warm April played the corn farmers in the cards. The sowing quickly preceded by mild temperatures and dry weather, much of the acreage was edited end of April.” The beginning of the corn harvest is imminent aussaat – and strain-dependent indirectly. Stocks are means early medium-late starting October 10, however, only around in many regions to 25 September in the area of the silo maturity come. If there are no problems during the harvest, it could be a very good year of corn”, Andreas Gaffney predicted. He wonders Garreler, himself a farmer, only about whether the fields are dry enough in time for the heavy vehicles of the harvest. For the case that the summer in the future more often so wet and cool fails like this year, expects the specialist so that farmers opt for varieties with lower numbers of maturity as at the moment. Varieties with a high maturity could get major problems in such a weather to come down”, Gaffney is white.

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