Reactive Current

Sunday, 17. February 2019

PC green line 1000 proves itself in China s largest trial wind Park Berlin, July 2011 The PCS Green Line 1000 reactive current converter is undergoing tests at the NWIC national wind power integration and test center operated by the China electric power Research Institute (CEPRI). Grid located in Zhangbei in mainland China, NWIC tests and certifies the compatibility of wind turbines under Chinese operating conditions. Even the harshest climatic conditions occasioned neither thermal nor any electric disturbances proving the high reliability of PC power converters. On the Chinese market, which has experienced Seri growth for several years now, to intense effort is underway to develop feed – in directives for wind turbines and their feasibility in the field. Sync with the steady increase in renewable energy production, the technological requirements in renewable energy are mounting. For renewable energy sources need to face up to the same challenges as classic power plant units: need-based energy generation, security of supply, and system support. It should be added in this context that the Chinese areas are known to have taken winds Parks off-line if they failed to meet their standards.

PCS reactive power converters offer for this market even at affordable, easy-to-integrate retrofit solution. After decades of a coal-dominated power generation in China, the Chinese government is is now focusing finacial on wind energy as a clean and economic alternative. 2010 what the first year rate became the country with the highest installation in which China for new wind turbines with a total of over 14,000 MW installed. This brings the installed wind power up to more than 40,000 MW, making China the world leader as it is. Test Centre in Zhangbei one answer to the current challenges in the Chinese wind power industry is the wind turbine test centre opened in January 2010. The national wind power integration research and test center (NWIC) in Zhangbei, Hebei province, offers a specialised environment for research and development, testing cycles, training classes and professional development.

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