Search For A Location In Europe – Choice Of Location As Existence Problem

Thursday, 18. July 2019

Problems and solutions of the site search in the Europe of the 27 countries of the European Union offer the most diverse conditions m on an area of approximately 4,300,000 with approximately 500,000,000 inhabitants. In this area, which includes almost all over Europe, the different cultures and ways of life meet. Countries and peoples, who were deeply enemies until a few decades ago and who are still small territorial disputes, are now under the common roof of the European Union. A boundless market opens with 500 million consumers, who all want to participate in the prosperity of the Western world. The regional situation arising from the wide range of E.g. social, economic, and climatic conditions, provide for companies huge opportunities, but also great risks.

Before any market access, opportunities and risks are weighed against. Not only the investment bill includes place, but before the search for the correct location for this investment. At one systematic search for the right location one finds in Europe very quickly, how big are the regional differences. Can be not necessarily to say that any region in Europe offers generally better conditions than the other regions. Did you know that…

the unemployed accounted for 2.5% in Gyor (Hungary) and in Glasgow (United Kingdom) 10.7%? the purchasing power in Kortrijk (Belgium) approx. 13,000 is high and in Rzeszow (Poland) approx. 4,000? the monthly income of the workers in the industry in Forssa (Finland) approximately 2,750 is high and in Valladolid (Spain) approx. 1750? is the labour productivity in the manufacturing sector in Bruck (Austria) about 2.5 times as high as in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)? that in Orjahovo (Bulgaria) pushed trains loaded up to a length of 280 meters and up to 18,000 tons can be while in Minden (Germany) motor ships up to 80 metres in length and up to approx. 1,000 tons will be charged can? Theses: Under increasing competitive pressure on European level the question of location and therefore the search is for the correct location to a question of survival for the company.

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