Silver Prices In The Last 10 Years

Wednesday, 12. December 2018

The price of precious metals such as gold and silver is subject to fluctuations depending on the economy. Silver price development over the last 10 years, silver is characterized as opposed to gold due to its rather undervalued character in the field of precious metals. So, it is less frequently represented as an investment and has currently only a relatively modest impact on the financial market in a direct comparison. How economy and stock market, but many experts forecast will change this cutting in the next 5 to 20 years. Silver could thus not only synonymous with the investment gold, but even out-competed this the number one position. Their statements are based here on the silver price developments of the last decade, as well as on the expected tendencies of the commodity market.

To objectively assess the starting point of the development curve to the actual increase in value or temporary reduction, you must reset the observation until the beginning of the 1990s. Because here are the actual turnout for the Years 2000-2010. In this context, an ambiguous image is presented first. To a significant decline in demand and silver is increasing, not least based on that path breaking critical sectors of the economy such as traditional photography in favor of digital photography. On the other hand, as well as new areas open at this time the electronics and medicine require above all an increase in the number of silver resources and thereby visible impact on the price. At this point, we laid the Foundation for the later development. Because from the early of 1990s up to the year 2001/2002 the price of silver is relatively constant at approximately 5 US dollars per Troy ounce (30 grams). Increase at the beginning of the 21st century to overcome the depression in 2002 by only 4 US dollars per fine ounce, which was last but certainly not least thanks to the currency changeover to euro is development a clear upward trend.

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