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Thursday, 6. June 2019

Who searches for results from the past and from the active presence, of course, will be found at working dog. With much hard work are a have been maintained here results from decades. Under the menu point Championships and also in the view of the dog is the participation with individual results, as well as links to a corresponding video, if available, documented. Here is the team of for you and created videos from each sport. They are linked to the results of the dogs and the individual Championships. Of course you can reach not only about the links to the individual features in working-dog dog datasheet. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. A clear menu dogs, people, videos, breeding, Championships, as well as the profile points is divided into the menu items mean profile, my albums, news contacts subscriptions, profile settings.

Certainly, the point is an unbeatable argument breeding for premium users. Breeding planning, the pedigree simulation of a connection, the registration of Act of deck and the litter message to all contact information for puppy buyers working-dog here offers a very good strategy and -seller. Clearly sorted according to breeds the matings, deck litter date, and contact address of the breeder will be displayed to the visitor. Something for the eye is the representation of the breedings. The deck partners are represented as screen and can be filtered according to race and country. Also at the farms it is possible to see what visitors are interested in the published roll the premium user.

Data were all well and also the range of communication at working dog facts but stands tall in the course. The user maintain your contacts in friend list and have the possibility to send personal messages. Here many new friendships have been forged and some working-dog.EU has found old friends again. The personal home page of each users displays the latest changes in the circle of friends, as well as an overview of recent dogs, videos and pictures at each visit. So it is for some to the daily routine, working dog to pay a short visit as the views in which Daily newspaper. The day’s news, statistics of the own dog, a nice word to friends or looking for the partner of a deck. Meanwhile, has got two siblings: for all breeds and for dogs of a different kind: the horse. Since March, there is now the icing on the cake on the iPhone – the – app. So, now brings you and your dog on the popular mobile phone.

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