Small Enterprises

Sunday, 19. February 2017

More and more people to gather on the Internet. Image films help companies better einscha customers? records to ko? tonnes. What can do the business for me? Is the company reputable? What is the company policy? Companies create faster with image movies a personal bond of the customer to the company. The new media make it possible to imagine a wide audience small and medium-sized enterprises. To date it was advertising in large companies only possible via television or cinema to present themselves. Today, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and co. allow companies to present themselves to a variety of potential buyers.

The website is an increasingly important marketing tool for companies. The sites evolve into interactive information platforms where himself is offered in addition to image films product videos and interviews. Steadily falling prices for hardware and software make it possible to produce films in high end quality at much cheaper prices. An image film conveys better than it any text or any Photo may, emotions, complex situations, etc. According to latest studies, think 90% of entrepreneurs about how to create an image film. It is not easy to find, a complete concept a movie production in the takes care of little – and in the medium-sized area. The 4FIlm production with its network was created for complex tasks, ranging from the ideas development bishin to the Mediengerechten conversion, to find the right team.

The 4Film 2000 includes network film makers from various sectors. Just the choice of authentic performers is a costly and time-consuming process. Meanwhile, the connected 4Filmproduktion has become a successful company in the media industry. A good example is the campaign for the Berlin bakers Guild. It still exist, the right Baker? The Baker who is still sourdough, whose Brot is unmistakable, which can make a really crunchy loaf, the Kuchen is typical? The Baker who passes his recipes from generation to generation and as a cultural heritage preserved? The Baker, whose baked goods without chemical blowing agents come out, because he still knows what can do for example yeast? Yes, there it still! He was also always there! Just before loud up bakers and baking stations for some consumers, it has become harder to find him. There are the Guild craft bakers bakers, carrying the Golden pretzel’s strict quality certificate. You will find more examples and the image film to the Guild of bakers here: imagefilme videos.

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