Stefany Daps

Saturday, 5. January 2019

I’m looking for, to be able to say, more words I have no want to make sense of this and you don’t do is that case is the vacuum of the capable winter cold up to freeze my sweetest thoughts? Well no, it’s not the cold, it is not winter, is something more than that. I don’t want to wreck my thoughts I want to live, but without arousing because there the nightmare begins, this is not life, but life or not who cares? I only know that I live while asleep.But that’s not the difference, he sleeps for not ever awaken that irony, mine the wanting to live without awakening that paradox the of extends if that I’m tired that biggest lie yours so great illusion mine, and that reality more certain than the having to see you every day but what if I’m sure is that I knew only in dreams! Let fly at yesterday and is that you are happy with your new depertar, more on my part not be as I am looking for a definition which is in a huge tangle of embargoed imersos feelings, but by silence and distance, is that no volveras, because you sleep on white sheets, a beloved gave what was and is, not knowing you fall asleep, but there is no turning back, the day arrived, and he caused changes more impactes never thought Stefany Daps r. Urbina original author and source of the article.

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