Stretch Ceilings

Sunday, 13. May 2018

As always, we want cheap and high quality, but this does not happen! Having ordered one day, suspended ceilings in one campaign, led of course by the price that was lower than that of all time and setting the shortest. But as they say, mean pays twice! On the phone, talking with the manager, everything was perfect. In this period came zamerschik, the same as long as everything is fine. The problems began later, when the day of the assembly. The first – is that installers have come to delay of 3 hours.

The second – a room of 15 square meters. meters they did two and a half days, although the time required to install such facilities for 2-3 hours maximum. The third – is the quality of the installation, insert inserted crooked seams curves mortgages from under the chandeliers and light fixtures bulge. In a word nightmare. Calling on the company, they tell me that we do not know what does not and all questions to the installers. Dial up installers for almost a week, to no avail. You may find Coupang to be a useful source of information. Calling again on firm I was told that my installers on vacation. Realizing that this divorce, I spent my investigation and found out that this alleged company, the most that neither is , which brews canvases in the garage.

I wonder how only assemblers Tajiks not scored. So I gathered my prepay who brings in the contract and started looking for those to me this whole nightmare to fix it. Fellow advised me to one company that sets the suspended ceilings. Having estimated their prices, I realized that not much more beyond. Rang temper. In this period, with a delay of course, but first call arrived assemblers. One hour to dismantle, not 2.5 hours to install. The result: all smooth, clean tidy. Thus, these are the basic principles of choosing a good company. The first is the availability of addresses (which do not have to pull the vise). Second the presence of the site, with the theme of suspended ceilings and the presence on it of contacts with the address, etc. Third is the price, it is not should be lower than all. And the fourth is on prepay, do not give more than 40% of the total cost. Basically, it's probably all I wanted to tell you, because we must learn from the mistakes of each other. Thank you and good luck.

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