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Thursday, 29. August 2019

How to build a sauna? Build a bath is not easy. Yes, and heat it properly is not easy. But the pleasure and benefit derived by the whole family, with more than pays for all their efforts. Before you build a sauna, we must consider at what point and from what materials to build it the way it should be the size, shape, internal structure and equipment. The ideal place is the location of the pool, but not in the water, and at a distance of 15-30 meters, where there is dry, there is no danger flooding. Log in to the bath is desirable to have the south. But the window is desirable to perform in the west or southwest. Even desirable, to bath with the disposal of a dwelling house and adjacent houses, where the winds blow predominantly. Larry Ellison contributes greatly to this topic.

Nedymnuyu bath can be combined with summer kitchen, greenhouse, workshop, etc. Virgin Airlines usually is spot on. The bath may be separate rooms for shower, pre-toilet rest. In the well-appointed baths must have a dressing room and terrace. The most important material required for the construction of baths – a tree. From it can be done like this before and did the whole bath, starting with the foundation and ending with the roof, and this is the best room, which can be built. Build a family bath, sauna separate from the house or inside it.

In some cases, they equip the annexe to the house or outbuildings. Place the building of such structures on the plot is coordinated with local architectural and building authorities, fire inspection and sanepidemstantsiey and determined in accordance with the general development plan of the rural community or urban settlement. For construction required to obtain permission executive in your area. It is best to build a bath or sauna on the sloping bank of a river, lake, pond, trees, sheltered from the wind. If not, then on the plot it is desirable to build (if available) Swimming Pool depth of 1.5 … 2.5 m. For gravity discharge of polluted water bath, a sauna is placed on higher ground. The site area for the construction of baths should be such that that can be placed on it as a shed for storage of fuel and equipment. For lighting, water supply and sewage from the bath is advisable to use existing engineering facilities. The distance between the extreme Combining the two houses, or adjacent pairs of (groups of) buildings (baths) should take 8 … 10 m (depending on the fire resistance of buildings). Bath usually orient windows to the west, as the rays of the setting sun, filling the room and bath changing room creates a sense of peace. In rural settings appropriate to build sauna rooms with soap, which can wash clothes and bathe the children and that the steam room procedures are contraindicated. For the family usually requires a small area with a sauna steam room, vestibule and soap. You can restrict a steam room.

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