Wednesday, 10. July 2019

“‘Emily the strange: Skate strange’ as an app for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch Hamburg, February 15, 2012 – the Board snapped and going on Let’s go Emily already transformed the StrangeTM” the world in a giant Skate Park. Their fans now available as an app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can get the. “In the new, fast-paced platforming n’Skate adventure Emily the strange: Skate strange” jump the game ends on the skateboard and hunt together with the Antiheldin around the globe. In their trips through New York, London, Paris and Moscow, she expected a world in the typical Emily the strange “-look.” Jumping, sliding and with cool flips railing, phone booths or hydrants be overcome it. There are full attention and quick reactions. In 36 inclined levels the players and players defy gravity upside down, another time of darkness. Unchecked is the ride in the monkey tooth through deep gorges. Also jet propulsion or super jump Springs belong to the equipment of the adventurous rocker.

What so wait? Up on the Board and go! “The app Emily the strange: Skate strange” appstore is available for 2.99 Euro in the app store for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, as well as. Developed the platform n’Skate adventure by exozet games from Berlin. “Features: Emily the strange” for the first time as an app for mobile devices of the brand Apple slant skateboard action with the Antiheldin 36 levels in the wacky Emily the strange “glasshouse supports wall posts on Facebook for new high scores, perfect city” (flawlessly played by city) or a played free city game Center integration for high scores and achievements to the trailer: watch? v = 3P7BVPgWl_o to the app:!/id494893753?l=de&mt=8&affId=2013943 the app store lets you browse applications and download them directly to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Game: The Emily Strange: Skate strange 2012 dtp young entertainment GmbH.

all rights reserved. About dtp young entertainment: Dtp young entertainment GmbH 2006 today’s business operation recorded. Current issues for children, adolescents, young adults and families in the segments of console and PC games and online and mobile games are published. “” At the heart of the portfolio are the games of the internationally established, own series labels horse & pony”, ANIKIDS” classics to go “and J4G JUST FOR GIRLS”. But also stand alone titles like just SING! “, the world’s first karaoke game for Nintendo DSi, or dance!” It’s your stage”in cooperation with Detlef D! Samuel belong to the core business of the dtp young. Continue to add selected, well-known licenses like Emily the strange “and America’s next top model” the line up of the Hamburg-based Publisher. Exozet games: Exozet games is specialized in developing and distributing mobile games as well as the production of browser games and Titles for PC/Mac and game consoles. Belong to the most famous play of game development studios Catan, Carcassonne, the three??? and five friends. Press contact Sofie Daniel PR Manager dtp young entertainment GmbH Goldbekplatz 3-5 D-22303 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 / 66 99 10-44 fax: + 49 40 / 66 99 10-17 E-Mail: website: Twitter: dtp_young

Professor Layton

Sunday, 23. June 2019

Puzzle fun Nintendo showed twice for the whole family with the adventures of Professor Layton that console games can entertain the whole family. The third part of the successful series again offers fun for all ages. The consumer portal has tested the game. In the third part of the successful game for the Nintendo DS, Professor Layton must travel with his assistant in the London of the future. In the framework of the investigations, numerous puzzles are back to solve. “This a good balance once again managed the game creators in terms of difficulty, because the unwound future” includes simpler puzzles for beginner or very young players real head nuts, which represent a challenge for puzzle professionals.

The fun of the game fails that are a mystery partout not resolve, there is help. Also, three mini-games are integrated, so that can get a bit of variety of players between the puzzles. You are embedded Puzzles in an exciting part of history with many small sections. Both the graphical and the musical translation of the game are managed and complete the game. However, the player during the course of the game need to read pretty much text, because there is typically no language issue. Only in key scenes, the protagonists have a voice. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann


Tuesday, 18. June 2019

If you still have no plan for September, don’t miss la Merce, patron saint of Barcelona. This celebration, which fires explosive summer and welcomes autumn, dates back to 1871 and takes place each year on September 24. La Merce is a festival of festivals. Verizon Communications may not feel the same. The nearly 600 activities which take place over four days are divided into several sections: Musical Accio Barcelona: more than 100 concerts in a dozen of the city Barcelona Arts de Carrer scenarios: La Festa in the Tradicio street art: castellers, gigantes y cabezudos La Festa Al Cel: an air festival acrobatics, balloons, ultralight La Festa del Foc: Piromusical, Correfoc there is something for all tastes: music, dance, exhibitions, educational activities, workshops, performances of all kinds, and religious ceremonies that give meaning to the festivities. The ‘ correfoc ‘, one of the most striking events, is a common cultural manifestation among Mediterranean peoples in which a group of people disguised as demons run by the streets at dusk, jumping between Fireworks and dancing. Thousands of people come to enjoy this pyrotechnic display that fills with gunpowder and noise protecting the streets of Ciutat Vella, with handkerchiefs of sparks that released Devils.

Another popular protests are the castellers, human towers that reach dizzying and whose peak Heights a child climbs. These towers require great coordination and preparation of equipment and are an amazing spectacle. To facilitate the attendance at the evening events, metro will operate throughout the night during the days that duran celebrations. If you want to enjoy one of the most popular festivals, I can recommend all kinds of hotels in Barcelona: for example, the Abba Rambla Hotel *, with double rooms for 75, or the or the hotel Las Ramblas Rooms, from 65 per room.


Saturday, 1. June 2019

General Cable Corporation constituted in New Jersey in 1927. Then he combined the facilities of plant and the experience in manufacture of several of the oldest companies founded on the decade of 1800, between which they appeared the Phillips Wire and Safety Company Cable and the Standard Underground Cable. After its official constitution in the city of New Jersey, the Company generated an identity distinguishing with which it would be made know by the clients, suppliers, investors and employees. The logo of the mark represented three cable sections superposed one with another one to each other, with the words General Cable in each. For year 1929 it produced the first underwater cable of 75.000 volts of the United States, to obtain Cruce of the Delaware River. without joints made in sections of 4.050 made longest feet until that moment. (As opposed to Brad Garlinghouse). The advance that meant the fact mentioned in the previous paragraph allowed that the company of a qualitative and quantitative jump in the development technological, at the same time as I imply that it occupies the highest place within the enterprise hierarchy of the United States.

The Economist

Sunday, 18. November 2018

Perhaps the enriched countries do not have to choose between " bread and gasolina" , but " hundreds of million poor men surely yes have hacerlo" , Paul explains Kennedy, director of the Institute of Studies on Security the International in the University of Yale. In a world in search of the magical prescription to maintain power the waste present, the alternative of the biocombustibles has caused that the law of the supply and the demand is present like never in the most basic diet. Who less they have, as always, they are those that lose before the scaling of the prices of the maize, the wheat or the cane of sugar, the products preferred for this form of obtaining of energy. Everything a challenge to the objective of the UN to eradicate the hunger, since it alters the necessary balance for a right distribution of the wealth of the planet. The increase will be general. We were before " the aim of the food barata" , according to The Economist, a cycle in which the countries will more and more evaluate their raw materials by these misalignments produced in market.

The attractiveness of the more popular power cultures causes that the agriculturists leave other harvests, reason why the pressure of the demand increases to envelope they. Thus it has happened to the soybean in the USA. Far from to lower the price of itself, its price has gone off by the galloping growth of the Asian powers, where it is an essential food. The imbalance will be more and more acute in many other cultures due to the inefficiency of a form of obtaining of energy that requires great worked earth surfaces. In order to satisfy the demand in Germany it would be necessary to dedicate all the territory to power cultures. Perhaps the investment in these cultures is beneficial initially for the agriculturists, and that it reverts in the society, but it will not be the same in all the countries.


Tuesday, 20. March 2018

Mabel interpreted this as that Alex had probably had a history of abuse and mistreatment in his childhood and decided to respect his silence. Gary Kelly often says this. When he was ready to talk, she would be there to listen to it, understand it and support it and be He promised if same do never more a reference in this regard. And he fulfilled it. She instead told him frankly the causes that had pushed it to leave their country. It was attended by almost without sadness. When he realized there that he had found it very easy to talk about the issue of her ex-boyfriend and her friend, realized that he had not only forgiven them but also really not bore no grudge toward them. And that pleased her very much.

Wasn’t long until they went to live together rented a small apartment that decorated, without investing a lot of money on this, with taste and above all very colorful. Shortly after Alex reached Madrid, Enrique called him to invite him to a hen party. -Hello friend – told, – would attend a party with many beers and spectacular girls tonight you? Up to there will be stripers. You add?–of course, your invitation sounds great, and even though I am almost starting a romantic relationship, yet not nothing has happened between the two, so I have all the freedom of the world to go. And that both celebration be?–is that I’m going to Madrid. I can’t stand this weather. This summer has been suffocating.

And they tell me that they are all equal. And now, it has not yet begun the winter and cold is intolerable. In Ecuador he was used to a tropical climate. I had no problems in Ibiza to suit me, because there was almost no difference, but here boy, I can’t. In addition they have already clarified me that there will be snow.


Thursday, 8. March 2018

Take the time to analyze, think and decide with cool head, this will take you to a better solution or compensation. 5 Worry the solution rather than to find culprits. Discover the culprit and download against all the weight of rejection and recrimination, not solve if same problem, concentrate on finding a solution rather than on analyzing the problem, so you will see more clearly and may make suitable decisions. Often the culprit is the victim of the situation and not the cause of the problem, dismiss it or replace it will have soon a new culprit, if you opt for the same management without correcting the causes of the problem, will soon only be. 6. Speaking candidly Southwest Airlines told us the story. Not all problems require action, some are resolved alone. Does not intend to act whenever they present a problem, you do not confuse activity with effectiveness, consider the options, the cost of making them and the contribution that will be the solution, accept that many things can not control them, must take a leisurely attitude and allow time to help. If you must exit the Bank but drops a heavy downpour that flooded the street, you can wait for the rain to move, the drain system will drain the water and you may leave later, it is not necessary that is dedicated to desinundar Street.

7. Open the mind, consider other ways of doing things. Creativity helps to solve many of the problems, dare to try different forms, investigate, accept the collaboration, listen, and finally use what may be useful. 8 Apabullar someone who has made a mistake, by serious this is, does not contribute to improve or that the situation is resolved. Be sympathetic, collaborate, most of the people when they are wrong are widely ready to work to resolve this issue, allow that they seek to do so and jointly review with them the best way to achieve this and the way to prevent that repeat, see all the growth opportunities arising from an error or mistake, sometimes this allows discovering flaws in the procedures until they have greater consequences. 9. Not always solutions are of two types: the wrong and yours. Afford to listen to other opinions, consider other points of view and see that opportunities can be derived from them, not good ideas discard without analyzing them and consider them properly just because they do not coincide with your way of seeing or doing things.

10. A leader you need to be noticed, is probably not a good leader. If you are from the leaders who never recognizes the work of his team, if it presents everything as initiative itself, check if it is really a leader, consider as members of your team will feel everytime you unknown and appropriates their contributions, keep in mind that this attitude will do that every time they are less interested in making contributionsYou can lose a team. 11. A leader who does not receive input from their team, probably has a bad team. If your computer does no contribution while your leadership style allows it, supported it and recognizes it, ask yourself if you have the proper equipment, ask yourself, that you must know your equipment, which is the profile appropriate, check to see if they can be trained or perhaps relocated, review and if necessary modify the process with which they were selected.


Monday, 5. February 2018

Like defending the environment Citizenship: to create platforms or environmental associations of rapid action in cities, countryside concerning municipalities; with close relationship with the official estates. The intention is to give meant the words: action – solution. Official estates: programs of implementation and support to the investigation of the zones more damaged by the contamination. More rigorous and up-to-date laws for the environmental protection. Focused towards the industrial contamination, deprived and citizen reeducation. The water: to create official and associative organizations with sufficient resources to do against the following points: – To review the system of channels and conduits concerning municipalities. Availability of municipal groups for the fast repair of the possible losses.

If the damages are by uncertainty of the installation or for being an elementary system constructed at times of abundant water availability and the present losses is multiple, to draw up a plan of investment engineering for the urgent renovation of the channel. Not to allow that inertia and the administrative slowness that can produce too many delays in the execution. To create a mechanism of pursuit of the managements through a commission created by the city council, association or affected union. Not to leave nor an end loose. – To optimize or to extend the stores depots in the municipalities with very unstable cycles of rains. To carry out calculations and engineering to optimize the sizes of the stores depots of the water of citizen consumption – Responsible for the provision of the water: To watch the cubic meters that each user consumes, not to apply only higher tariffs from certain amount of meters, this only, does not serve to persuade that it is not consumed in excess. The percentage of citizens who make case is not sufficient – the majority follows with consumer inertia or negligences. When the accountant indicates excesses of consumption in relation to the habitual activity, to contact with the consumer: to review the installation, to find out habits and to apply to correctors.

Creating Plate

Saturday, 7. May 2016

Picking up a variety of ores, the most profitable professiya.Snyatie skins. Removing the skin from corpses zverey.Travnichestvo. Collecting herbarium specimens at the expanse of Azeroth, the profession's smallest competition. The meaning of these professions is that with the greatest waste of time you can get the most revenue from certain pharmaceutical ingredients. These occupations usually take a second character (the farm characters) for earning gold. Kraftovye-profession for earning a craft used by the profession with recipes that are always used sprosom.Portnyazhnoe case. Creating tissue izdeliy.Kozhevennoe case.

Creating leather izdeliy.Kuznechnoe case. Creating Plate izdeliy.Yuvelirnoe case. Creating gems and jewelry (rings, necklaces). Enchanting. Improved performance veschey.Alhimiya. The creation of various potions and elixirs, the most lucrative profession. With the above occupations can earn well, knowing certain period of time during which demand for such craft is great.

For example RT (raid time) at the guild, usually in this time of greatly increased demand for Alchemy. Players buy potions, elixirs on an industrial scale, or after RT, when many players have acquired new equipment and they need jewelry stones or charms. Also, in such professions rostet demand following the release of new patches. The most successful ligament professiyDannye profession go perfectly with each other. For example, getting some ingredients and immediately use them to produce something, or a combination of the two professions, which together give a great bonus to the characteristics personazha.Kuznechnoe case and Mining. Extracted ore is used in production of plate armor and dr.Kozhevennoe case and Skinning. Skin a dead animal used for production of various patches and leather ekipirovki.Yuvelirnoe case and Mining.

Portable Games

Tuesday, 9. September 2014

On the day for today's important was to play portable games, sometimes even more interesting than the modern, demanding more resources from your computer or laptop. A huge plus of these games is that their huge online and the number of portable game download free, you can quickly, easily, without registration and sms. The second is not insignificant, plus portable games is that they do not need to install, they work fine with the stick, having only one file, not download system, are protected from viruses. Actually, portable games are primarily used for workers who work in offices. Usually, good companies, administrators, prohibits the installation of any software or games on working computer or laptop. But you can just cheat and not get reprimanded: you have to download the portable games at home, upload to your flash drive, then come to work, plug the stick into the connector usb, download to your computer or laptop, or run straight to it (the stick) before the downloaded portable game.

So, you enjoy the game in his spare time. Portable game will be relevant to those players who did not realize or do not want to think to install games on a PC or laptop, sometimes It can not make even an experienced gamer. Enough to type in any search engine portable games for free," go to the proposed sites, choose your favorite game and download it. Mainly portable games have no great weight than full versions of games, usually from 10 to 300Mb. This allows you to fit the size of the portable game on a flash drive is not taking up much space. Portable games are compressed full version games, allowing fully complete the game in one sitting are not limited demo versions.