Tuesday, 20. March 2018

Mabel interpreted this as that Alex had probably had a history of abuse and mistreatment in his childhood and decided to respect his silence. Gary Kelly often says this. When he was ready to talk, she would be there to listen to it, understand it and support it and be He promised if same do never more a reference in this regard. And he fulfilled it. She instead told him frankly the causes that had pushed it to leave their country. It was attended by almost without sadness. When he realized there that he had found it very easy to talk about the issue of her ex-boyfriend and her friend, realized that he had not only forgiven them but also really not bore no grudge toward them. And that pleased her very much.

Wasn’t long until they went to live together rented a small apartment that decorated, without investing a lot of money on this, with taste and above all very colorful. Shortly after Alex reached Madrid, Enrique called him to invite him to a hen party. -Hello friend – told, – would attend a party with many beers and spectacular girls tonight you? Up to there will be stripers. You add?–of course, your invitation sounds great, and even though I am almost starting a romantic relationship, yet not nothing has happened between the two, so I have all the freedom of the world to go. And that both celebration be?–is that I’m going to Madrid. I can’t stand this weather. This summer has been suffocating.

And they tell me that they are all equal. And now, it has not yet begun the winter and cold is intolerable. In Ecuador he was used to a tropical climate. I had no problems in Ibiza to suit me, because there was almost no difference, but here boy, I can’t. In addition they have already clarified me that there will be snow.

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