Toner Cartridge

Saturday, 10. August 2019

Due to the fact that environmental and economic issues are increasingly important for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money, use the full potential of office equipment becomes one of their main priorities. There are many ways you can use to extend the life of toner cartridges for laser printers, and at the same time maintain the high quality Print. Laser printers use toner, have significant advantages over traditional inkjet printers. One of the most notable is the speed. However, users should ensure that ease and convenience of printing did not lead to unnecessary costs by printing unnecessary documents. Many companies require employees to be limited to printing only the most necessary documents, saying that such a requirement the need to conserve paper. But no less important in terms of cost savings and a rational use of the cartridge, which allows maximum prolong its service life before replacement. The simplest way to save toner – a strict selection of materials for printing.

Nevertheless, many users do not take into account long-term benefits of this approach, printing materials unnecessarily. Most simple rule of thumb – print only what is really needed. This means that when printing a web page or document, you need to exclude elements that lead to unnecessary consumption of toner. In Specifically, you can remove the colored banners and images of web pages for printing which uses more toner than a case of simple black and white text. In addition, when printing large documents, users can save paper by printing only the necessary pages. Sometimes you need to re-print the document to correct the mistakes. The quantity of spent toner and paper, doubled.

From mistakes no one is immune, however, can minimize the amount of discarded printed materials, carefully checking the documents on the screen before printing. No less an effective measure is to use the option "Preview", which allows you to check how it will look finished document using its virtual copy before you press the "Print". Compliance with these simple rules is necessary in order to prolong the life of your toner cartridge and reduce wear on the printing equipment. In some models of laser printers are used clues that tell the user that toner is low. With their help, you can roughly calculate how many copies it will be enough, and plan cost-effective rate. Nevertheless, the thrifty user to ensure that the cartridge will last for a longer period, subject to specific strategies for saving home and the workplace.

How To Choose A Power Supply For Computer

Friday, 9. August 2019

The easiest way out – to consult with a specialist in computer maintenance. But if this is not possible, give you a few simple tips. Firstly, it is necessary to calculate the maximum power consumption components, but it is better to take this value to the stock, because in the future will be easier to modernize. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. The most powerful of power consumption components are the processor and graphics card. They are more powerful than the more powerful unit supply is needed. uestions.. Ripple has plenty of information regarding this issue. From experience, it follows that for almost any home computer psu 400W would be enough. The exceptions are the computers with more than one video card, more than two hdd or processor with 4 cores – in these cases a more powerful psu. If you want to use sli out of 2 Radeon 4870X2, then use the power supply capacity of at least 600W.

It is also very important to pay attention to the brands of power supplies! Worked well – fsp, Acbel (and its derivatives – Chieftec, Cooler Master), Floston, Thermaltake (Series Pure Power and Tough Power). Production of these producers is to affordable, very affordable. More expensive but better quality – are the products of the following manufacturers: Zalman, Cooler Master, Gigabyte. Good luck choosing!


Thursday, 8. August 2019

This is hardly a problem, since Shockproof matrix still does not give guarantees. And for all the our practice, none of the matrices did not die a natural death. So you've decided to replace yourself. You will need the laptop itself, the working matrix, small Phillips screwdriver, a spatula with rounded edges, the power supply notebook paper scotch. Be sure to remove the battery to completely disconnect the unit, while dismantling the laptop may be occasional closures and as a consequence – to repair will not only display.

Connect the power supply without connecting to the network. Beneath the lid, or any suitable object such as a thick book. As we recall, the book – the best gift! Remove the plug on the box lid, remove the screws, remove the frame. Disconnect the cables and connectors. Loosen the screws that the matrix is attached to the loops. Connect the new matrix. Check on the run. If everything is successfully grown together, turn off the machine and assemble in reverse order.

As you can see, nothing complicated. But there are nuances. Most of the matrices of the same notebook features interchangeable. Most but not all. For example, almost all Dell-s, and some IBM-s of the matrices their firmware. Display with other Laptop or not at all, or does it not work all the functions (such as brightness control function). Sometimes there is a hardware incompatibility between the individual display with the staff. Under the conditions of service is easy to fix. Usually always in stock display the same characteristics, but slightly different markings, or it can be quickly ordered. And if you change your screen at home – this could be a problem. Unnecessary travel. In many services now do not take a separate setup fee matrix in a laptop, such as in ours. So, as would be desirable to own twist with a screwdriver, it's better to apply to the spices, and faster, and cheaper. Protect your laptop, he'll still serve. And of course, we do not assume any liability for self-installation of your matrix into a notebook.