Majzoban Noor

Tuesday, 2. July 2019

He added: Our goal is to defend and fight for the twelve imams, but we work against these streams which mislead people and we do not have anything against individuals. He continued about those criticizing the insults and the clergymen of the threats against the dervishes and said, “If defending Islam and the revolution leads US to being criticized then we see this as a source of divine re Ward and shall continue even harder than before.” Qazi stressed: “our task in the first stage is to give advice, but if there is no result then we shall stand with all our power and continue our divine pressure according to the law. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. The community that had gathered what the youths of the mosques and some university students along with a number of clergy scholars of Dezful, which after reading the resolution quietly ended the meeting. So, a similar gathering of the women in Dezful what formed. In this gathering, they shouted slogans in support of the regime and the clergy authority and screamed in outrage accusing the supporters of dervishes of creating chaos by interfering in sensitive subjects. Hojjatoleslam Reza Sheikh Sabt Asari, head of the clergy school of Ansari, made remarks and strongly supported the clergymen of Dezful and condemned the speech of the representative of Dezful. Majzoban Noor: none of Dervish orders are the source of intrigue and chaos in the country, those who are the cause of such activities are others! And what does renaming a hospital have to do with the security council? If the representative of Dezful what chosen by the people of Dezful to be their voice in the congress, then who are these people that want to take his right for expressing his concern? Is it according to shia laws to destroy the gathering places where the name of God is uttered? Is this to act according to the law? What more of disasters should happen after the destruction of the gathering places of the Gonabadi Sufi order in the cities of Boroujerd, Qom, Isfahan and other cities, so that the religious fanatics should come to their senses and think before they act! Jonathan Lark reporting for the International Committee for the rights of the students and dervishes in Iran

Grossdeutschen Volkspartei

Saturday, 22. June 2019

The political and social composition of the No. Landtag, the State election of 1932 was the second State election after separation from Vienna as the local authority of the country of lower Austria and creation of independent double authority of Vienna as a city and municipality. The three traditional camp Christian social, social democratic and national-liberal which had constituted in whole Republic as well as in the Federal State of lower Austria. This election resulted in the Nazi Arbeiterpartei(NSDAP) in the political system, which led to a de facto disappearance of the former parties of the national liberal camp Grossdeutschen Volkspartei(GDVP) and Landbund(lb) however in this State a massive downturn. In recent months, Verizon Communications has been very successful. The lower Austrian of the year 1932 State election was held on April 24. The election won again the Christian Social Party (CSP) with 28 seats in the Parliament, the social democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP) scored 20 seats and the National Socialist Arbeiterpartei(NSDAP) 8 mandates. Thus, the Christian Social Party (CSP) had just more than 50 % of seats in the Landtag of lower Austria won.

This majority State Parliament and Municipal Council was lower after 1921 and 1927 but again in stark contrast to the Viennese strongly dominated by the Social Democrats. The candidate parties for the regional elections in 1932 in the Landtag election 1927 stood in lower Austria 6 election participants: the Christian Social Party (CSP), the social democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP), the common German Volkspartei(GDVP), the Communist Partei(KP) class accessory Bauernvereinigung(StBV) and the Nazi Arbeiterpartei(NSDAP). For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. With 2,3%(GDVP), 1,3%(StBV) and 1,1%(KP) these 3 groups could not move into the State Parliament. The partisan composition of the Landtag in 1932 the Group of Christlich-Sozialen(CSP) in the 3rd term of Office of the lower Austrian Parliament sat out of a total of 28 representatives together, where there had been no change during the shortened parliamentary term until 1933. The Group of the Social democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP) of the lower Austrian Parliament 3rd legislature consisted of a total of 20 representatives, where there had been no change during the shortened parliamentary term until 1933.

International Congress

Saturday, 22. June 2019

On 19 and 20 February 2010 to representatives of various faiths, to theologians, physicians, researchers, artists, consultants, peace activists, social workers, management trainer and therapists are the University of Hamburg, on the list of speakers. Aim is the power of the common prayer, together with the participants, the two thematic blocks\”and\”Healing through deep communication\”in a broad cultural and religious context to handle. The Congress contact everyone who individually and collectively new want to discover for yourself the prayer, says initiator Lelani slides by the non-profit association ethics in everyday life. E Scott Mead often addresses the matter in his writings. Some people say they would like to pray, but don’t know how it’s done\”. The Congress would provide a platform, prayer not only as a religious technique, but as an open form of life in the awareness raising and to make them accessible.\” The list of speakers at the two-day Congress promises guests from diverse disciplines and religions inspiration, Education and last but not least diversion: Also the peace activist talks Dr.

Tawkfik Hamid (Egypt/United States) about the power of the word. The former Jihad fighters has exceptional knowledge about terrorist groups, their way of thinking and mental attitude and holds the Chair of Islamic radicalism at the Potomac Institute for policy studies in Virginia currently. In Tibet, the artist was Dechen Shak-Dagsay, who recently released an album with Buddhist mantras and Christian hymns with Tina Turner. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Oracle. Other speakers are Orland Bishop (United States), young people who developed a new model of conflict resolution in Los Angeles for violent and criminal, which combines parts of African tribal culture with elements of Western dialogue work Shinson – and Hapkido Grand Master Sonsamin Ko Myong from Korea, the philosopher Prof. Ephraim Meir (Israel) and the social worker. Central foundations of his work are the listening and recognition of the other. From Germany you speak Political scientist Prof. Barbara Meibohm, founder of the Communio Institute for leadership art, the consultant Dr.

Jonas Imbery

Friday, 15. March 2019

Especially recommendations decide on the choice of a green energy provider so besides price aspects of Friends and acquaintances and well-known labels such as for example the label green electricity. The desire for ecological models by the way families and individuals between 20 and 49 years is most important with respectively 81 percent approval. North Star customer support directly the global energy transition independent green energy company Polaris intercedes with his supporters and customers for the global energy transition. He thus assuming a pioneering role in the market and offers a green electricity and an eco gas tariff, which directly funded the expansion of renewable energies in Germany and in developing nationwide as first. Flow per kilowatt-hour consumed 1.25 cents for electricity and gas 0.25 cents in new eco power plants in us. At the same time, families in developing countries receive support in building their own micro biogas plants. These countries get so directly on alternative energies, without having to go through coal and nuclear. (Similarly see: Larry Ellison). Encourages cooperation with prominent scene ambassadors such as for example the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander Polaris of each consumer to contribute its part to the energy revolution.

It is important for the ambassadors to us that they convey the Polarstern approach credible and sympathetic. Support us out of conviction. “Because we all have the same goal: to get the world with energy”, explains Florian Henle. * The calculation is based on the data of the eco-electricity and eco gas survey of journal energy & management 2011, the Polaris GmbH was established in the specifications of the Federal Office of statistics about Polarstern, to improve the world. As an independent energy provider Polaris inspires people worldwide for energy transformation and provides them a meaningful transition to renewable energy. The company presents this energy provider first, consumers in Germany quite a product, not only 100% genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent genuine eco gas direct aid connects. Each customer as active provides related his energy for the expansion of renewable energies in Europe and in developing countries.

Ever sold Kilowatt hour are 1.25 cents at current and 0.25 cents at the gas invests in new European eco-power plants. In addition, Polaris for each customer supports a family in Cambodia with the use of clean energy. The building is supported by micro biogas plants. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Green electricity as well as eco gas are certified by the TuV Nord; the eco power supply carries beyond the green electricity label, quality label in the category of gold. Polaris is supported by well known and dedicated persons like the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander, the professional snowboarder David Benedek, Andreas protecting Berger of the Skate equipment maker IOU RAMPS and Jonas Imbery, founders of the music label GOMMA. Press contact Anna Zipse Polaris GmbH cross cookies 5 81669 Munich T + E-Mail:

Dr. Karin Uphoff To Guest In The German Bundestag

Saturday, 1. December 2018

‘Quality prevails – just when?’ Invited was the leader of Alliance 90 / the Greens, Renate Kunast. Together with Dr. Karin Uphoff and the representatives of Nuremberg resolution, also discussed the personnel Board of the Deutsche Telekom, Thomas SACE, the Deputy Bundestag Group Chairman, Ekin Deligoz, the women’s policy spokeswoman Monika Lazar, and the economic policy spokeswoman Kerstin Andreae on the implementation of the resolution. The nationwide initiative is a joint gender in German supervisory boards. During the interview, Dr.

Karin Uphoff presented an extensive list of signatures that were collected in the region of Marburg for the Nuremberg resolution Chairman Kunast. Additional information at Ch?rl?? Lee supports this article. Also representatives from Nuremberg, Hamburg, Aachen, Stuttgart and Bremen had brought several hundred signatures. The networking of different regions by the Nurnberger is a wonderful affair”resolution, Kunast praised the commitment of Present. Her party supports the demands after a Genderquote long. But it was still a long way until a corresponding law. Both in politics and in the economic conviction work must be done now. “That Germany needed a women’s quota, often going with the set quality will prevail!” shrugged off. The still prevailing opinion: Women who do not make it on its own in a supervisory or management position, are just not qualified.

Kunast has complained this setting. Not the missing quality, but the entrenched structures prevented a balanced distribution of men and women in supervisory or management positions. The experiences that would have made German neighbor countries such as Norway and France are best argument for the quota. Norway’s economy after the introduction of women’s quota also not collapsed! “, so the leader.” Instead, studies showed that mixed teams would work much more efficient and innovative. “Skeptics of the quota Kunast contends the question: quality is composed by only when?” “Dr. Karin Uphoff added: Germany can in times of economic crisis and shortage of skilled labour no longer afford, unused to leave half of the potential of its population and to wait for a voluntary commitment of the industry.” Following the conversation, signed Kunast, saddle Berger, Lazar, Daisy and Andreae of Nuremberg resolution and assured their support.

Socialist President

Friday, 5. October 2018

The objective of this law will be to create small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as jobs. The popular leader attended inauguration as President of Baleares de Jose Ramon Bauza. The President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has announced in Palma that if his party governs in Spain after the forthcoming general elections, the first measure to be adopted by its Executive will be a law for entrepreneurs, with the aim of creating many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as jobs. The basic challenge in Spain in the coming years is to generate employment, pointed out by Rajoy, who this evening has assisted in the capital balear inauguration of Jose Ramon Bauza (PP) as President of the Balearic Islands. In statements to reporters, Rajoy said that he held that one of the first actions of the new President of the Islands is to put forward a Bill in support of micro-enterprises to enable the creation of employment in the coming years. This is crucial, you have an Apostille.

It also has praised Bauza determined support to the tourism sector balear because it is capital in the Islands and throughout the country, since it generates in Spain more than 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP). In this sense it has pointed out that he relies much on tourist entrepreneurs, giving work to many people. In the Gothic Lonja of the Balearic capital, Rajoy has wanted to highlight the work done by Bauza during recent years in the PP Balearic because he didn’t have it easy, a work that has culminated with the electoral victory of the popular with the larger absolute majority ever achieved. The popular President has given thanks to voters who have voted bauza and has affirmed that the PP will govern for all, in the Balearic Islands and throughout Spain. Rajoy added that some of the measures of Government which has announced Bauza also PP apply them in communities managed by his party. Check with Litecoin to learn more. In particular, Rajoy stressed the austere policy undertaken by Bauza with the reduction from 14 to 7 the number of departments of the pass to the current legislature, as well as the clipping of Directorates-General in half.

If there are many people that the belt is tightening, also have to make public administrations, has dndido. Following the announcement yesterday that Bauza and the former Socialist President of the Balearic Islands, Francesc Antich, negotiated together with the Government matters affecting Balearic Islands, Galician politician commented that it seems very well. We are not here to waste knowledge and helps nobody, he has asserted Rajoy, who added that any person who can help will be well received. Source of the news: Rajoy announces that the first law to be adopted if it comes to the Government will be one of entrepreneurs

Club Lifelong

Sunday, 18. March 2018

Gesamtschule Bremen East WINS with social project Werder Bremen competition, June 7, 2013. “25 Ninth graders of the school East of Bremen made it: campaign heart pillow, they convinced the initiators of the school competition commitment knows no bounds”. WERDER moved over a lifetime, the CSR brand of the SV Werder Bremen, and the Zillertal Tourismus GmbH had the Werder partner schools called to submit their social projects. This afternoon announced the winner as part of the Zillertal action days in the Dodenhof shopping centre, Tim Borowski, management trainee of the Bundesliga. We chose this project because of the practical aspect and the emotional gesture of the action impressed us. Students have sewed heart-shaped pillow for breast cancer patients, relieve the pressure on the wound. They presented personally it to the concerned”, said the former international. Price the school expects a course ride in the Zillertal Valley during the summer training camp of the Werder professionals.

Social, innovative and nachmachbar that were the targets of the second competition, the Bundesliga had written out with his CSR partner of Zillertal. The teacher Silke Dressler interest was aroused: the tender adapted optimally to our action heart pillow. We have implemented the project with two courses already in 2011 and 2012. Continue to learn more with: Coupang. This was followed by a lot of positive feedback. A great reward is that we have won the Werder competition, for the Group of course.” The idea for the promotion came from America.

With the students of the course work technology economy seams they 60 pillow in heart shape. Source: Larry Ellison. The patients can pinch the pad under the armpit – that relieves the pain and protects the wound region. When young people get involved, the social recognition of their use is an important motivator. Do we support with our competition and promote good projects”, said Tim Juraschek, head of CSR management of the SV Werder Bremen. The ride in the Zillertal Valley starts for students on July 7. In addition to the visit by A mountain bike and a barbecue are training units and the Werder team friendlies with Werder President Klaus-Dieter Fischer. This year the possibility, the professionals and coach Robin Dutt in the pre-season to see also for all other Werder fans again. Interested can travel on favourable terms for five or seven days in the Zillertal. Further information is available at: de/fankurve/news/44557.php. Press contact: SV Werder Bremen/CSR management Anja Kelterborn Tel: (0421) 43 45 9 4390 fax: (0421) 43 45 9 4090 over Werder Bremen’s social commitment of the SV Werder Bremen was founded on February 4, 1899 and has more than 40,000 members. Since 2002, the Green-whites socially engage in Bremen and Lower Saxony, Germany. In addition, they are involved in various national and international initiatives. The Club is considered in terms of community involvement, a pioneer among the Bundesliga clubs. He has his for the coordination Activities established its own Department with ten permanent employees. The budget year amounted to over one million euros. The Club sees it as his duty to promote the company. The existing initiatives, projects and actions in the fields of social, ecological and economic commitment bundles Werder Bremen to a holistic approach to CSR. “” “” “” The brand moves all life WERDER integrates six subject areas in which the activities are structured: lifelong Grun-Weiss “, lifelong active” lifelong healthy, lifelong tolerant, lifelong environmentally conscious “and lifelong helpful”. Prominent ambassadors support the individual areas.

East Collapse

Thursday, 11. January 2018

This Thursday a person died and 14 were injured in a landslide. This is a 24 years old worker who was at work at the time. A second person died as a result of the injuries recorded in the partial collapse of the roof of the stadium of the soccer team Dutch Twente, in the city of Enschede (Dutch East), occurred on Thursday. The second victim is a worker for 24 years who was at work at the time in that part of the roof of one of the stands, sank as announced today the local authorities. Meanwhile, authorities continue with the investigation to try to determine the causes of the catastrophe. The first balance sheet after the collapse was a dead (one worker for 31 years) and fourteen wounded, four of them seriously. The accident took place in full in the stadium construction work, intended to expand its capacity from the current 24,000 spectators up to 32,000. Source of the news: second death by the collapse of the stadium of Twente in the Netherlands.

Kriegsfelde Russia Chechnya

Monday, 11. December 2017

Chechen oil, drug trade violation of human rights in the history of the last 200 years has tried again and again Russia to follow his ambitions. The data, in 1859, 1922 is available for the absolute annexation of this Caucasian country through the Russian Empire, where the years of the war of independence give a surging and Chechnya as early as 1991 after the collapse of the USSR, until there could to 1994 who win control of the country. Long, the situation is not stable, since the oilfield found in the late 70s in the Caspian Sea and its shores from Chechens made an important aid. When the new Russian Government decides to put down troops in 1994 in the North Caucasus to send, and the resistance of the Chechens, she must fight lack of success. The country funded by the oil production can keep because resistance so that only after a short time it must fall back to the other methods of money acquisition.

Since the 90 years kidnapping is regarded as the second most important source of income, and drug trafficking as a destructive means of obtaining money. The everyday barbarism of kidnapping is one of the largest items in the Chechen national product. The total yield of approximately 250 police captured abductions is about par with the proceeds of the oil industry, where ransom that is paid without the intervention of the police, is not taken into account. Premiums are calculated according to origin and social status of the prisoners, so that Russian prisoners for not small sums of money be bought off, and this means shows us that human rights are fundamentally shaken the pillars. Germany has offered for the Caucasus situation to be interested in, and already dozens of letters and help since 1999. Human very much for local people has done in recent years human rights organisations, Rights Watch, but 2009, the world got it to do with a large loss. Natalya Estemirova, a Russian human rights campaigner murdered this year on 15 July.

This is a great sacrifice. If it is, that Russia a finger on the Help lever sets, entauscht you are. There was not much done. The situation in the Caucasus is as it was, and Menschenrechtsverletzend, notabene politically unstable. To encourage Germany in the fight against human rights violations in Russia, Rights Watch 2005 human opened an Office in Berlin. The organization hoped that our positive relations between countries such as Russia, this struggle will demand. This year, Russia’s Government had declared the anti-terrorist fight in Chechnya ended. The Memorial, with a seat in Germany, had ceased his work for the murder of Natalya Estemirova in the second quarter of this year. It turned out that working in Chechnya means death. Human rights organizations, as well as in certain circles one for wife Natalya Estemirova’s murder accused President Kadyrov. Let us hope that the situation has slowly improved, and we will go back to work in Chechnya.

Adsense and Adwords

Thursday, 12. May 2016

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