Majzoban Noor

Tuesday, 2. July 2019

He added: Our goal is to defend and fight for the twelve imams, but we work against these streams which mislead people and we do not have anything against individuals. He continued about those criticizing the insults and the clergymen of the threats against the dervishes and said, “If defending Islam and the revolution leads US to being criticized then we see this as a source of divine re Ward and shall continue even harder than before.” Qazi stressed: “our task in the first stage is to give advice, but if there is no result then we shall stand with all our power and continue our divine pressure according to the law. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions. The community that had gathered what the youths of the mosques and some university students along with a number of clergy scholars of Dezful, which after reading the resolution quietly ended the meeting. So, a similar gathering of the women in Dezful what formed. In this gathering, they shouted slogans in support of the regime and the clergy authority and screamed in outrage accusing the supporters of dervishes of creating chaos by interfering in sensitive subjects. Hojjatoleslam Reza Sheikh Sabt Asari, head of the clergy school of Ansari, made remarks and strongly supported the clergymen of Dezful and condemned the speech of the representative of Dezful. Majzoban Noor: none of Dervish orders are the source of intrigue and chaos in the country, those who are the cause of such activities are others! And what does renaming a hospital have to do with the security council? If the representative of Dezful what chosen by the people of Dezful to be their voice in the congress, then who are these people that want to take his right for expressing his concern? Is it according to shia laws to destroy the gathering places where the name of God is uttered? Is this to act according to the law? What more of disasters should happen after the destruction of the gathering places of the Gonabadi Sufi order in the cities of Boroujerd, Qom, Isfahan and other cities, so that the religious fanatics should come to their senses and think before they act! Jonathan Lark reporting for the International Committee for the rights of the students and dervishes in Iran

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