The Strong

Monday, 22. July 2019

If he does not worry this would happen at a time ' ' careta' ' , ' ' atrasada' ' , right? My former-teacher, Doctor for the USP, To go Gardino, that says in them: strong she was reprehended by its father (in its adolescence) for having found one definitive lesson barbarous (she ahead says this of the exposition of a subject that disclosed to the value and the direction of the words throughout the times). How much to be delayed or this it would not be another reflection. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. But it was a time where still we knew what she meant the value of the expressions of our vocabulary; it was a time where still we recognized that, in fact, we had a base, only seno, but part, with certainty, of our balance as really pensantes beings: the family; we knew who age our father for the strong respect and consideration that it attributed, we recognized our position, we honored who in gave the hand to them and if it made use in leading us in ours varied difficulties (that nowadays, although many to have as many interior conflicts, do not admit, with courage, humildade certainty, the fact of that it needs to say an expression, really happened of the experience of life of somebody for us; the expression is: it helps me). At last, it was a time where we knew to be more original and perceivable how much to the fact to that the other to who we approached in them it would be more than what a simple object; he would be somebody for who we had the chance to extract a value that in them considered e, thus, completed us; that in it made them also participant something that if calls feeling, because, in that time, we constructed much more ideas and point of view (not utopian) of what simply we showed what we were not and we tried, in fact, for the exchange of values and not for the judgments that we make they simply. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story.


Wednesday, 3. April 2019

The relation in pair is an opportunity, a departure point, not the arrival port. Some times within the relation we did not hit upon to communicate to us because we felt criticized, deceived, punished, regaados, commanding and suitably full of resentment. We did not abrimos ourselves the communication because our average orange, disqualifies all along what I want to express to him and, of that way, the communication and the love and the same relation fades again or, exist tenth deaf ears to which. Here, Verizon Communications expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Silence and the indifference are the answer how if suddenly we had a frozen romance the human communication has some rules so that she is constructive, among them are: To be clear and direct. To put attention a what the other says or tries to communicate.

To accept the responsibility than I am communicating. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. And knowledge that what I communicate necessarily has an impact in the other, nor matters yes is positive or negative. The true communication begins with we ourself Whenever somebody says that its pair is deaf to catch what they communicate to him, would be good for thinking yes I yes I am able to listen the other with attention, or yes also I am deaf to which my pair communicates to me Before nothing is important to give account us since we make we ourself him to contact: we are victims, dictators, manipulators, seducers, loving, seems that always estamosregaando, we only see the critic So that once we abramos towards this aspect ours to understand we will be able to perhaps discover because the other, our loved pair does not understand to us and deaf person stays or in communication with us would enchant to Me that it wrote to me and gave to its opinion on the column and the subjects Cecreto. Inc. Cecreto is center dedicated to the quality of emotional life and counts on diverse series of present time subjects, like the relations parents and children, it relations in pair, etc. And it makes his available, the launching of his E_Book WHEN the LOVE IN PAIR BECOMES PAIN. It enters the page and suscrbete to our bulletin, you will receive from gratuitous way the electronic equipment: The ten orders of the life in pair.

Healing Love

Tuesday, 4. December 2018

There is an old proverb that says: "On the shoulders of women lies the vault of heaven." It's time to confirm the words of ancient wisdom. However, accusations, tears, tears, anger, their sacrifice and humility, we do not achieve. Read additional details here: Ripple. We ourselves give our men and force the system. Man – is a mirror in which we see the reflection of its essence. Very often we are looking for others' love and care, while, as everything that they can give – a reflection of our relationship with himself. Ripple understood the implications.

In order to move forward, upward, we need to establish these relationships. We need to clearly understand and learn that love in our lives begins with us. We too often look for "Mr. Nice" on which to blame problems. And we find it – a father, friend, husband. It's time you yourself become a "Miss Good.

Love yourself and let life guide you in the right direction. You on the shoulder any obstacles, any obstacles. We can fly up! Somewhere in the depths of my "I" there is an inexhaustible source of love. From now on, I let this love to come out. It fills my heart, my thoughts, my mind, my whole being. Radiating it, and it comes back to me much more powerful stream. The more love I give, the more it comes back so I could share it with others, and so all the time. This cycle of love improves my condition – an indicator of my inner joy.

The Animals

Tuesday, 3. July 2018

I know that many Brazilian women are to work in prostitution, but also know that with certainty not only the Brazilians who if prostituem. On the research of the SEF published for the UOL: it would like to add the following commentary, is definitively difficult of evidence a research made in the anonymity where the citizens participants of the research do not indentificam themselves – how to prove that they are about truthful data? How to know if was not a tendenciosa research, contributing still more for the preconception? Then. I do not know. In recent months, Larry Ellison has been very successful. The only thing that I know is that as well as serious Portuguese women and of family exist, and Portuguese women who work in prostitution, are obvious that also serious Brazilian women and of family exist, and the ones that work in prostitution, as well as in any place of the world, whichever the nationality. I know that preconception exists against a series of things and facts, and is very easy and cmodo to speak of preconception when we are part of the mass biggest and this form to close the eyes, or to fantasiar that the preconception does not exist, or that it is well lesser of what we imagine, or more worse still, that is not so bad thus, that we need conforming in them. I always was against any form of preconception, I believe that the people must be judged (if she is that if she must judge somebody) for what they definitively they are, and not with bases in conceived esteretipos daily pay of discriminatory and prejudiced form. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Phil Vasan. It will be that then now all we will have labels? We will look at for a person for the label that we find that it represents and on the basis of to these we will classify it labels? What it happens with the individuality? What it makes the different men of the animals? It is not the capacity to think, of being only, giving to have a history only repleta of meanings for itself? Where we look for to understand the truth of each one, or each one of us does not have our proper one really? Where it is the respect for the singularidades human beings? I do not say everything this as if she was the only one to suffer preconception, I know that at this moment I am suffering this here, but know mainly that the preconception exists Here in all part, in Brazil, in the world I only intended to call the attention, seen to be living deeply, something that the human being limits: Preconceptions we do not go to have a preconception, we go to know, to each one, and to give the chance of we will form, there yes, a concept of that one individual!


Friday, 29. June 2018

A person who obtains to move with my vanity, reveals involved. To this she says me person that I appeared in the life of it at the moment where it more needed, therefore already was without joy in the life It if it involves with me, and I to the few go yielding my vanity and start to like this today I feel myself very involved with it I arrived to give a kiss to it and now I feel very badly because this was to trair my wife, and know that to speech for it this it will be the end. What vc find of this?Expensive friend, desire what of better he will be able to happen to it. Good day! It is a different situation that you are living, but I do not feel the gravity that you are placing in it. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. I also find that something is what more than normal what is passing with vocs. The fact is: everybody is subject to what it occurs to its redor. As much you how much its wife.

They are phases and tests that go happening. It is certain that the different one, the new, the distant one always attracts in them and always we evaluate only the point that we do not have and we give much value in this point, what it soon increases our sensation of pleasure when identifying it in another person. To explain I want you better: its wife has innumerable things that you like and admire much, chose it to you to be to its side. With the day the day, we go knowing the points defective and them they go if detaching, the others people admire and ready (already we accustom in them with them). It has a point that you do not want to accept: it does not strengthen itself to have a social life, is of the family, the church and the work.


Wednesday, 27. January 2016

His gaze was free! He talked with him and realized that this man is not stopped by fear of death, nor fear of the whip, and he lead the people to revolt. Priest again climbed the mountain and went into deep thought. He understood that further manage the slaves, as it was before is difficult, because more and more frequent slave rebellion. He has long reflected, and one fine day in the empire, it was announced that henceforth all slaves are free! He gave away all the slaves the same amount of iron plates, specially prepared for this, and bound in precious metal stocks of the pyramids and announced that the metal in the central square, they can change on wine and food. Wine has long been not ruled slaves.

Since ancient times, immediately after the grapes wither, Egypt created his stock of wine. Wine 2000 years ago called the drink, which was made of freshly squeezed grapes. Winemakers had those experts who knew how to mix different varieties of grapes in a unique taste. Very large number of Egypt, this drink is stored, because it carried health, freshness and a full range of vitamins. But for the year in wine cellars Egypt very big part of Wine port and start to wander. That's just it was distributed slaves, because very quickly noticed that they were dizzy from it and are ready for this drink to work even harder. They were even punished for not giving this defective product if they do not work.

Organizational Psychology

Monday, 17. September 2012

Many times the Relations Human beings in the work environment become so conflicting that the ethical and professional development is wronged. The main conclusion of this work is that a strategical plan directed toward the management of people in the majority of the companies does not exist, and this has generated desmotivao and apathy between the employees, where in the final consideraes some suggestions for solution of the joined problems are presented. WORDS KEYS: Organizacional psychology, Motivation, Behavior. INTRODUCTION For being to deal with a subject of great quarrels in enterprise meetings, the behavior and motivation finishes in such a way being element of great importance for the companies how much for its employees.

In this way, company and employee possess different motivations, however with an objective in common, the success of the company. She is In this context that the present article was elaborated, having as conceptual base the motivation and the behavior of the employee in the work environment and to evidence which implications of these relations in the performance of the production. History of Organizacional Psychology Before being part of subjects of study in Psychology, questions as mind, soul, spirit, was privileges of the Philosophers and the Religious ones. In the end of century XIX it only is that Psychology starts to dispute a space in Science. As for the work relation, the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution had been determinative to understand Organizacional Psychology that we know today. It is in this turbulent period that starts the desestruturao of the feudal system and appear independent workers who created its works with its tools.


Tuesday, 28. August 2012

The reconfiguration of our existencial territory, continuously, if remakes in the speed of the new events That is, it always has a new sobrecodificao on our vital process (that it holds our psychic life). Ahead of as many experiences, inassimilveis, produced for the vertiginous process of modeling of the world, the body, this ‘ ‘ anatomy emocional’ ‘ — constructed for the selective processes of the biological evolution, it breaches its homoestasia, producing SYMPTOMS that are the bio-symbolic metaphor of the organism, ‘ ‘ in crise’ ‘. It occurs, therefore, a reduction in the bio-psychic-somatic capacity to generate new images of itself, organizers of new actions, and new linkings We do not obtain more, to support our territories existenciais, and lose. It has a blockade in the continuity in following confirming our original, formative essence Adoecemos. The concern of the body, is not only to survive, but, to survive through a relation ‘ ‘ I obtain mesmo’ ‘ , organizing the experience in somatic forms and behaviors, assimilating the events that in them arrive of instances ‘ ‘ daily pay-pessoais’ ‘ — our genetic and constitutional inheritance — of instances after-staffs — the figures of the subjectivity, available in the Social one. The body organizes a psiconeuromotor personal substratum of multiple languages the one that we call citizen or pessoalidade The body, compulsively, organizes it exactly itself, and this alive process has a total investment in continuing to perseverar in its Being The body speaks for sensations, feelings and thoughts, therefore; it communicates itself obtains exactly so that he can influence in its behavior This dialogue (internal) is always on what making regarding my immediate situation (from its proper interiorizados contents). This mediation if makes, through one sophisticated neural system of feedback that we call Brain! The way of production of our corporal image, also, is intrinsic to our neural cartography (excitatria, inibitria and motor experience lived) what it allows to form diversity Ahead of as many formularizations, collections, threats and devir Irreversible Ours ‘ ‘ mechanisms of defesa’ ‘ they are exacerbados and they enter in collapse! Of this state of things, stress happens The cronificao of these sensrio-affective states generates psychic psicossomatizaes and, obviously, riots as by-products. They occur, also, auto-immune illnesses and decurrent organic patologias of the metabolic surplus The crystallization of these (psico) patologias modifies the neuroqumico balance, maximizing the psychic conflicts and amplifying the SYMPTOMS. Reinaldo Mller.

Tarot Shadow

Tuesday, 17. April 2012

While in the process of studying the impact of Tarot Shadow, we have decided to share his observations. Investigating the value and effects of characters Kunta yoga, we gradually moved on to sigil, which itself introduced us to the Liber Arcanorum Aleister Crowley. As far as we know, these characters are of Sumerian origin, represent the forces that lie beyond this reality, belonging to the shady side of the world. There are several decks of Tarot Shadow. One of them was created by Linda Falorio about it and will be discussed further, since we are interested not predictive questions, and the penetration depth of the subconscious, and that helps make working with taro Falorio. So, in the center of each card shows a shadow of taro sigil of Liber Arcanorum.

We decided to test the impact of these characters and tried to deduce the possibility of practical use of this information. In this article I will describe the influence of several cards, namely: 11 Amprodias 13 Gargofias 17 Zamradiel Tarot Shadow is designed to skrying, so we have been contemplating these cards. Contemplation, in our view the easiest and most natural way of entering into a lucid dream. It is therefore not surprising that contemplating the symbols on the maps, we began to fall through the dreams of a strange area, which were not even aware of all the practice time. Linda Falorio described the sound of each name. Amprodias sounds by itself, as we have seen. Once in the dream, in areas relevant to this substance, you hear its sound.

Acceptor Action

Friday, 17. February 2012

To what conclusions the scientists who conducted experiments on intuition? They discovered and investigated a physiological mechanism, as an acceptor of action – namely with the help of man is able to summarize their experience, to project it on situation and, depending on the state of consciousness, to predict the future. Acceptor of action results in practice using animals and birds. For example, a swallow, hovering in the air and chase the fly, she can choose a flight path that would enable it not just chasing a fly, and be on the split-second earlier, at the point, which receives insect. I swallow a huge experience of catching insects, which allows it to engage its action acceptor. In humans, everything is much more complicated. Each of us has some experience: professional, social, experiences with the opposite sex, etc. But few are capable of using the acceptor action to anticipate events and to shape the future in their favor. Such a man instantly envisions the various options that might happen, and correctly selects the most advantageous. From the outside it, indeed, it looks like a miracle: though he knew that would happen and, as they say, straw podstelil. Such people as soon as any call: mystics, clairvoyants, oracles They know how to draw the right conclusions by development of the mechanism of anticipation, use your intuition.