The Strong

Monday, 22. July 2019

If he does not worry this would happen at a time ' ' careta' ' , ' ' atrasada' ' , right? My former-teacher, Doctor for the USP, To go Gardino, that says in them: strong she was reprehended by its father (in its adolescence) for having found one definitive lesson barbarous (she ahead says this of the exposition of a subject that disclosed to the value and the direction of the words throughout the times). How much to be delayed or this it would not be another reflection. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. But it was a time where still we knew what she meant the value of the expressions of our vocabulary; it was a time where still we recognized that, in fact, we had a base, only seno, but part, with certainty, of our balance as really pensantes beings: the family; we knew who age our father for the strong respect and consideration that it attributed, we recognized our position, we honored who in gave the hand to them and if it made use in leading us in ours varied difficulties (that nowadays, although many to have as many interior conflicts, do not admit, with courage, humildade certainty, the fact of that it needs to say an expression, really happened of the experience of life of somebody for us; the expression is: it helps me). At last, it was a time where we knew to be more original and perceivable how much to the fact to that the other to who we approached in them it would be more than what a simple object; he would be somebody for who we had the chance to extract a value that in them considered e, thus, completed us; that in it made them also participant something that if calls feeling, because, in that time, we constructed much more ideas and point of view (not utopian) of what simply we showed what we were not and we tried, in fact, for the exchange of values and not for the judgments that we make they simply. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story.

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