Owner Lagoon

Friday, 19. July 2019

They heard cantos, distant, of birds and the noise of a mountain range cutting wood. I smell it of flowers wild perfumed the environment and the boys had decided to enter in waters candies of the great lagoon. Mariana continued seated in a rock, looking at the brothers and the friends who bathed well next the edges to the lagoon. Gary Kelly often says this. Now calm, pparently, the girl praid in silence asking for the God who nothing happened to its friends and in special to the brothers. Tired to wait, the girl felt a sleepiness that dominated little by little it and thus it adormeceu. Suddenly, the girl despertou giving an shout seeing Renato and Glucio if drowning.

Carlos scared Francisco left the water and ran bush adentro. Arthur had disappeared. The small eyes of Mariana exposed to the maximum looked for aid. Then the girl remembered the estrias of vov Caluga and the witch of the lagoon. The bodies of the boys had sunk, without leaving any signal. Mariana ran of a side to the other looking the boys. The hamper with the chins was under of the tamarineiro, covered with parsley leves. The girl did not obtain more to cry out, a cold sweat covered its vertebral column, the cold hands, now seemed ice blocks.

Then Mariana heard a voice very far it called that it: Mariana, Mariana, Mariana come Suddenly, an uncommon force were taken possetion of girl and then its voice resounded strong as a thunder. – Owner witch, for love of God, helps, saves the boys me, saves Renato and Glucio. She helps me, aid, aid – she said Marina In this hour, a man she appeared of the nothing and she entered in waters, pulled the boys for the hair, bringing them for the edges of the lagoon. Renato presented the esverdeado face, the high belly. Glucio was with the yellowish skin as old wax, had the closed hand and closed teeth.


Wednesday, 13. July 2016

THE VISIT OF AN OLD PERSONAGE. Today I received the visit from an old personage. It has times that it was with will to keep a contact, but walked a little worried, therefore the gamma of events that we lived already was considered, therefore in them we find some times and we never obtained to keep a more consistent and drawn out dialogue. Interesting that its visit if gave in full dawn. It was with a mysterious air.

Mysterious? Or who knows tired? When not sad. then? For where it has walked? It was with homesicknesses of you. I walked for there, with many tasks, commitments and meetings of service. Now I accumulate two directions, the responsibility is bigger and the collections idem. But it counts to me, when in them we know you was with 17 or 18 years.

Yes. He was with 18 years, finishing my studies, to try a university course. was there that my life initiated in fact. What do you mean? Until then it had not lived? He is not perspicacious. Logical that I lived. But not in and of the so intense form as from now on. Now I remember that in one of its visits, you counted to me of a young with which it was initiating a relationship. Relationship, not. We were in knowing, a form of friendship and curiosity, as much of one as of another one. Interesting. Therefore it is we were to the few in giving the right of knowing in them. Habits, gostos, trends, crazes at last, what it was normal between young. Yes and later? Good people started to namorar. Namorar or to be? At that time it did not have this business. Therefore then. Ours namoro continued of an unknown form. Without sex? Calm, mine. It does not say me that never he rolled something more It did not roll nothing.

The Creature

Saturday, 21. May 2016

Some shot rocks in the house during the day, as protest form. I smell it of rotten, probably of some animal dead that was there, impregnated the nostrils to it. It felt necessity of cuspir, as reaction for the fedentina. Its excrement! said it giving an axe blow in the wall. said it giving another blow, of this time in one of the windows, that already almost that were completely broken.

Another time raised the axe, but it took one strong collision in the coasts, knocking down it the soil. The tool also fell and slid for the ground going to stop in one sings of the room. It was arisen with pain effort, moaning and looked at stops backwards. There he was a man, with a shirt and pants social, equally surradas and spotted of blood. Volveu the eyes in the direction of the face of the man. It was covered of a cloth bag, spotted of blood, in a color similar to splodges of coffee.

It was torn in some parts and it left to the sample some worms that devoravam the face of the monster. Not! cried out Samuel crawling itself it the soil. A little was moved away, but it took another blow. It was propped up in the wall and it looked in the direction of the axe, it was not more there. She ran in the direction of the exit, but the creature appeared in front of the door with the axe in the hands. Vine walking slowly in its direction, as one I buzzed. said Samuel, without effectiveness. Cmodo ran for another one, but the man, exactly walking the short steps reached it. It gave a blow to it of axe in one of the legs, not pulling out it the member, but leaving this esfacelado, and its blood spurted as a pipe d water. The man cried out and moaned, but the creature did not import itself. In the truth, she seemed not to have no species of feeling. But sanguinrios instincts. The blood and the shouts of Samuel seemed to torpify to it. It had headquarters and it went to saciar itself with the canine tooth that had fallen in its teia. Not! It stops with this! said it if dragging, but it pulled it to Jonas for other per it. Samuel was looking at it per some instants been silent and gasping. Please! Not direction of the blackout. Samuel more did not cry out, as the others that had been found in this house and the side of the streams. If he was alive would have learned a lesson. If he does not have to play with deceased